Sainsbury knocks on Argos’ door to take the deal

Marketing or negotiating? That is the question posed by some readers who were intrigued with the issue of bidding from Sainsbury to Argos. Is it marketing—or is it another business agenda?

Is Sainsbury competing?
Today’s generation is already highlighted by unique and fast technology. Many people rely on the internet, delete files without breaking a sweat, and find better ideas in just one click. Online functionality is now considered essential, which is the reason Sainsbury got the idea of doing business with Argon. Rivalry is always present when we talk about business, and competition is generally accepted as a necessary condition for the coordination of disparate individuals’ interests via the market process. It is a condition where “buyers tend to compete with other buyers and sellers tend to compete with other sellers.”

"The stakes are now being raised on same-day deliveries for groceries," Sainsbury's Chief Executive Mike Coupe told Reuters on Dec. 3 when discussing the impact Amazon was having on the U.K. grocery market, where it is not yet a big player.
"You could argue that they're already having an impact in the way that people are thinking," he said, noting that Sainsbury was looking at same-day grocery deliveries. Sainsbury is a good competitor and has performed a better job, unlike rivals Tesco (TSCO.L), Asda (WMT.W), and Morrisons (MRW.L)

Analysts have realized that the deal could speed up Sainsbury’s deliveries and widen its range with electronics. They planned to shut down some Argos stores, sell their own products to others, and open an accommodation. 

Amazon being competitive

Within competitive markets,markets are often defined by their sub-sectors, such as the “short-term” or “long-term” market, the “seasonal” or “summer” market, or the “broad” or “remainder” market. The competitive process in a market economy exerts a sort of pressure that tends to move resources to where they are most needed and can be used most efficiently for the economy as a whole.

Amazon offers delivery within one hour for members of its Prime subscription service in a limited number of city-center postcodes or in a two-hour same-day window. Experts predict retailers will only be able to keep up with Amazon if they can strike a balanced with higher-priced goods.

Sainsbury is prepared for grocery competition from U.S. online giant Amazon (AMZN.O). Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer in the United States and also sells certain low-end products. They also offer international shipping for some of its products to a limited number of other countries.

Home Retail Group, Argos, and Home-Base
"There would be synergies from optimizing the combined group's property portfolio, but that might not be entirely straightforward with Home Retail's lease liabilities," said one major institutional shareholder in both companies.

Home Retail Group’s retail businesses bring outstanding value and convenience to customers’ everyday lives whether shopping at home or on the move. Argos has an outstanding offer of convenience, choice and value to meet customer needs, selling products through its 840 stores, its website, and mobile apps. Home-Base is a leading home and garden improvement retailer, offering a growing range of products in a differentiated store environment.

"We believe there is significant intrinsic value in the business," said Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Freddie George, who rates Home Retail a "buy" with a target price of 195 pence.

Second most enormous black-hole in Milky Way may highlight black-hole evolution

Within the grand scheme of this universe, black-holes are often the ultimate dead-ends; nothing can get away from these types of spacetime vacuums, not really light.

Astronomers currently are familiar with 2 types of black-holes. The first sort are known as stellar-mass black-holes, that are middle sized spacetime regions that form right after massive stars trigger gigantic explosions once they exhaust nuclear fuel.

The other kind are called super-massive black-holes, aptly named due to their size. These black-holes are usually detected at the guts of galaxies, for example the Milky Way. Our galaxy has got the Sgr. A*, the largest and biggest super-massive black-hole having a solar mass of Four hundred million.

Another type of a super-massive black-hole is one located at the core of the dwarf galaxy NGC 5195. NASA's Chandra X-ray telescope noticed the super-massive black-hole as it was belching galactic gas.

Super-massive black-holes have masses that range between several millions to billions of times the mass of our sun. Unlike stellar-mass black-holes, no-one knows how super-massive black-holes form.

Now, a group of specialists in Japan may have found what might be considered as the 2nd most massive black-hole - next simply to the Sgr. A* - in the Milky Way. The invention could possibly help highlight the evolution of black-holes.

An Enigmatic Gas Cloud With The Interesting Characteristic

What is actually curious about the finding is that the massive black-hole wasn't directly recognized by scientists, and that what they first caught present rather had an unusual characteristic.
Encouraged by Professor Tomoharu Oka of the Keio University, the team of astronomers had found a bizarre gas cloud named CO-0.40-0.22, a space object which is about 200 light years from the Sgr. A*.

Scientists detected the enigmatic gas cloud by using the Nobeyama 45-m telescope in Japan and the Atacama Sub-millimeter Telescope Experiment (ASTE) in Chile. Japan's National Astronomical Society (NAS) operated both telescopes.

What researchers found strange is that the gas-cloud CO-0.40-0.22 had an extraordinarily wide velocity dispersion, and thus the cloud retains gas that features a wide range of speeds.

In essence, speed dispersion may be the spread and velocities of stars or gas within a galaxy, a precise average of this combined motions of numerous stars.

Again, the group used the Nobeyama 45-m telescope to have 21 emission lines from 18 molecules. The outcomes indicated that the gas cloud posseses an elliptical shape and contains two components.

The initial component was compact as well as low density, which has a very wide velocity dispersion of 100 kms per second or simply 62 miles per second. The 2nd component was dense and extended Ten light years, with a narrow speed dispersion.

The gas cloud includes a wide velocity dispersion as there are no holes inside, scientists said.

Even more so, the X-ray and infrared observations didn't identify any compact objects.

This means that the velocity dispersion isn't triggered by a local vitality input including supernova explosions or even the explosion of a star, something causes the development of stellar-mass black-holes.

Replicating Gas Clouds To Far Better Understand The Discovery

A simulated model employing a gravity origin with 100 thousand instances the mass of the sun which has a radius of 0.3 light years offered the very best fit to the CO-0.40-0.22 phenomenon. With this, Oka and the team executed a simulation of gas-clouds tossed by a powerful gravity source.

In the simulation, the gas-clouds were enticed by the gravity source, plus the speed increased as they approached it, attaining optimum at the nearest point to the object. The clouds extended past the gravitational source along with the speeds decreased.

"Considering the fact that no compact objects are seen in X-ray or infrared observations, as far as we know the best candidate for the compact massive object is a black hole," said Oka.

The Primary Detection Of An Intermediate Mass Black Hole

If ever the enigmatic gas cloud does have a massive black-hole, Oka said it'll be the very first time that an intermediate mass black-hole has been detected.

The way this affect what we understand about black-holes? There's a theory that super-massive black-holes form from mergers of several intermediate mass black-holes. Scientists discover the theory problematic while there is no firm observational evidence for that existence of intermediate mass black-holes.

Oka along with his team's findings, which can be featured in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, could be the key to fix this cosmic puzzle. If cloud CO-0.40-0.22 in fact encloses an intermediate mass black-hole, it might secure the intermediate mass black-hole theory concerning the evolution of super-massive black-holes.

An Alternative Way To Detect Black-Holes

The team's study also exposed an alternative way to search for black-holes. Through radio telescopes, researchers discovered that that there are several compact clouds having wide velocity dispersions akin to CO-0.40-0.22. Oka and his mates suggest that many of these compact clouds might have black-holes.

The Milky Way alone contains about 100 million black-holes, but X-ray studies have only discovered dozens up to now. The majority of the black-holes might possibly be "dark" and may be very hard to see directly at any wave length.

Finally, Oka asserted that investigations of gas motion using the radio telescopes may give a complementary approach to search for "dark" black-holes. This even can dramatically boost the number of black-hole candidates in the Milky Way, he added.

Sex shop’s IPO –to sell or not to sell?

Peekay Boutique is an Auburn-based sex shop that intends to invest $38 million in an IPO. Meanwhile, a national seashore Smartphone application has been unveiled, and T-Mobile has acquired the rights to an arena in Las Vegas.

Early in 2015, investors’ emotions cooled down for numerous inceptive public offerings as they grew anxious of various accomplishments. Even then, they were also bored with similar investments, thus expressing idealistic assumptions. The investors might get overwhelmed by the impending news of the IPO of Peekay Boutiques. Alternatively, it might be a slight irony for them.
The Peekay Boutique administers 48 stores under four brands including the Lovers and A Touch of Romance. Their intention is to sell up to $38 million worth of stock at $8 and $6 per share.
Lisa Berman, the CEO, said last year in an interview that the companies dream is to be “a leader in changing the sexual wellness perception.” In conclusion, Lisa reiterated that “We have reached over 5,000 Stock-Keeping Units available which is ranging from $265 vibrators to $1 condoms.”
In 2012, Peekay Boutique founder Phyllis Heppenstall was able to loan money to investors which were used to transact in a similar business. Their last recorded agreement clearly shows that the deal may not be appealing.
The latest report sale for Peekay was done on Sept. 30, which typically showed an increased percentage of 5.2 percent to $30.9 million. Its net loss increased by $60 percent to $4.5 million. The above results are similar to that of 2014.
The IPO plan purchased was cataloged in May as raising $50 million. Currently, it aims to achieve $25 and $38 million respectively. Their main idea was to partner with NASDAQ, but now Peekay says it can’t qualify for a “Profiting” period.

 The main reason is that the company was formed by a combination of numerous shell companies.
Also, Peekay ventured privately into labeling goods and offered them with about six percent of commissions. The idea was later interrupted as the corporation targeted certain manufacturers. Additionally, lack of capital has dragged Peekay Boutique behind. According to sources, the last new store was added ten months ago in California.

Last year, Peekay acquired heavy debt, and they are still paying $6.6 million a year in an interest form. In fact, the company acquired waivers from various lenders since three failed to meet the loan agreement. It has helped them to turn some debt into stock. Sources say that it owes $38 million and $16 million from IPO.
What will be the outcome if the stock market restricts Peekay’s IPO plan? The fact is that the agreement was set to pay the $38 million by Dec. 31. However, Peekay has obtained another waiver, hence extending the loans for three years. The process will only take effect if the stock offering is complemented on time.

Lesbian but Attracted to Men

The very basic idea of lesbianism totally declines the involvement of sex with male. Being a lesbian directly puts one is a zone where one cannot even dare to admit  fantasising about men, let alone having sex with them. Due to social mindset, being attracted to men for lesbians is considered some sort of moral crime. Men are a tabooed entity for lesbians. Why will a lesbian be attracted to men? What happens if they so get attracted men and have sex with them? Do they become bi-sexual because they do want to experience sex with men? Is it right or wrong? Such various accusations do make it a very complex issue to analyse and admit in public. 

Why this attraction?

First of all human sexual instincts cannot be put in a hard and fast category. According to various studies conducted by sex analysts, every individual have tendencies of being attracted to the same sex at one point of their life. If we compare sexual preference in a scale of one to ten, ten would be someone who is sure of his preference and does not feel any sort of inclination towards the other sex. But this ten is very hard to come by. The most common score of people is seven to eight which makes them 90% rigid towards their preference but the rest 10% should not be ignored.

Are they bi-sexual?

 For lesbians, most people have a strict and biased opinion about their preference and sexual activities. So it puts pressure on them which makes it very difficult for lesbians to consciously recognise if they can get attracted to men. By default lesbians get the score 7 where they know they mostly prefer women to be sexually involved with. But if they do get attracted and have sex with men, they should not be considered bi-sexual because this attraction can happen only once in their life whereas for bi-sexuals they get the score of four to five which makes them more prone to be attracted to both sexes. So for lesbians sex with man is mostly a one night of passion and fulfilment of a fantasy.

Real or unreal lesbians?

Human sexuality is not a simple science; it is a very complex web of various physical and psychological makeups. There is no way that we can tag one heterosexual person real or one lesbian unreal only because they have inclination towards the other side. Their inclination may be a deep rooted fantasy or just a simple appreciation for human beauty. Or it can be just a curiosity that they have not come across before. So to it is justified to venture into the territory of human desires to proclaim what is real or unreal?
Analysing and judging lesbians who do get attracted to men are puzzling issues which depends on a lot of other related factors and can vary from person to person. It is therefore more mature and better to leave these determining attitudes behind and be more tolerant about sexuality. In this modern world, everyone has the right to pick and choose what they want and how they want. Lesbians should be given the same freedom too.

Power of Foreplay for Women and Men

What Is Foreplay?

The process of physical stimulation and sensory pleasure prior to sexual intercourse is termed as Foreplay. Although this concept cannot be described in a concrete manner; it comprises of all the physical and verbal activities that eventually advances towards intercourse. The aim of it is to assist easier climax as well as increase sensual pleasure.

Increasing Sexual Pleasure through Foreplay

Foreplay plays different but very import roles for men and women during sexual act. For women, it prepares her body for intercourse by increasing the sexual excitement and anticipation. The direct stimulation of erogenous zones makes women eager towards the actual penetration. Actions such as stimulation of breasts and vaginal area (which are very important part of foreplay) releases vaginal fluids which aids in easier and painless penetration which makes the sexual act a pleasure; not a pain for women. Furthermore, the more women get stimulated physically; the easier it is for them to achieve orgasm. This very outcome of testifies its importance particularly for women. One cannot deny the importance of a powerful erection in sex. One of the biggest complain that men often have in their sexual life is losing their erection. The most effective and probably the easiest way to maintain this erection lies in foreplay. Studies have often proven that it leads to an eventual but complete erection which heightens their sexual urge and pleasure through climax. Moreover, it ensures sensitivity and longitude of the intercourse. 

Foreplay and Intimacy

In every healthy relationship which values the importance of good sex life, foreplay is mandatory. When the aim of sex is to please the partner; it comes to aid in a big way. It increases the chance of experiencing better climax as well as receiving maximum physical pleasure which is a strong indication of better intimacy. Studies have often measured the level of intimacy by the dominance of foreplay in relationships. Better foreplay is the indicator of deeper intimacy between partners. Moreover it is the indicator of the interest in each other particularly in the cases where partners have been involved for a long time.
Though the function of foreplay may be different for men and women, one cannot deny its importance. So to ensure sexual pleasure, enhance intimacy, and more importantly to add the zest and spice in sex; foreplay cannot be ignored!

Roofing in Derby – where arts and skills meet together

Roof is a must element of your home. A roof can completely change the look of your house and the value as well. Any confusion in terms of its types to be needed, quality and installation makes you puzzled. Besides, deficiency of professional, hardworking roofers could be additional hesitating issues for you.

Roofing depends on types of homes and largely varies on different architectural point of view. For example, commercial roofing in office, warehouse, school and hotels are far different from those of domestic in terms of materials used and looking.

You may use slate or tiles to make your roof. It is very popular roofing system in Derby (Derbyshire in England). A good amount of small handmade clay tiles to new concrete interlocking tiles could perfectly increase the outer look of your house. All slates should be fixed with two copper nails or stainless hanger clips. To make a gorgeous look you must employ professional slating team.

Today, among many others, green roof is getting popularity among city dwellers. It’s a living roof that is partly or completely covered with vegetation planted over a waterproof membrane.

Green roofs may serve several purposes for your building, such as protect excessive heat, absorbing rainwater, creating a habitat for wildlife and finally that would really be an eco-friendly home.

Every green roof is different and there are basically two types of green roofs mainly observed. These are - intensive and extensive roofs.

Intensive roofs are much thicker and can support a large variety of plants but are heavier. It requires more maintenance. On the other hands, extensive roofs which are covered with relatively light layer of vegetation and are require less maintenance than intensive roofs. Discuss in details with your roofing expert regarding the green roof design and installation and obviously the process of maintenance.

For commercial roofing, bitumin roofing system has a very strong record of reliability. It also provides a very cost effective roofing solution.

There are two types of bitumin roofing system. These are - modified bitumen membranes and built up roofing membranes.

Modified bitumen membranes are an evolution of asphalt roofing. This roof is made from asphalt with a variety of modifiers and solvents. The pieces are connected in several ways. In a heat application process the seams are heated so as to melt asphalt and create a seal. There is another cold-applied adhesive application process.

Again a built-up roof membrane made up of several layers of roofing felt adhered together by bitumen. In a built-up roof, the felt is laid over a mopping up pitching, that followed by a second mopping of bitumen, & process repeated, thus the name Build Up roof.

Single ply water-proof membrane, composite metal panel roofing are few popular and widely used roofing system. But the type of roof should be selected in terms of its utility.

What do you think for renters insurance

renters insurance
Renters insurance can protect your personal belongings & save you from legal & medical expenses associated with an unexpected accident at your home. However, many renters believe that taking out the insurance is actually, unnecessary or too expensive.

Here are some common misconceptions about renters insurance, along with few tips on how to pick the best policy for you:

Since all rental properties are susceptible to a variety of physical damage, whether it be fire, theft or even a broken kitchen appliance, many experts say there is not a scenario in which a resident should go without renters insurance. But it is important to consider the associated costs, both monetary & sentimental.

A common reason for why the dwellers avoid renters insurance is they do not think their belongings are worth the coverage. Many tenants underestimate the value of their possessions & would be surprised by how much it would cost to replace the items they have accumulated. If renters think they don’t have enough stuff to warrant a Renters Insurance policy, they should go around their residence, room by room & take full inventory of their belongings before making a decision. The average renter in a two-bedroom apartment has about USD 30,000 worth of stuff.

Occasionally, a landlord may partner with an insurance company to offer renters insurance to lessees, but more frequently, the insurance policies that landlord hold for his properties  protect only the building itself. After acquiring a rental housing unit, landlord change his insurance policies from a traditional homeowners policy to a rental policy & when they do that, it only covers just the building structure, not the content or any of the lessee's belongings.

Accidents, such as a flood, may damage other tenants' property & can be costly. Only renters insurance can protect you from these situations & help cover those unexpected costs. If your bathtub overflows & water seeps into the apartment below, damaging your neighbor's costly furniture or rug, your insurance policy will cover the damage up to your liability limits.

Renters Insurance is less expensive than traditional homeowners insurance, but it could still become expensive if policy holders are not careful, regardless of the policy type.

Can you identify these skin diseases?

skin diseases
The skin is the largest organ that is composed of a superficial protective barrier, is exclusively designed to prevent the outside environment from gaining access to the interior. It contains various glands, nerves & blood vessels important in maintaining normal bodily functions. When something goes wrong, it is often easily visible during an examination of the skin. Learn more about symptoms, treatments of different types of skin diseases & ways to feel better.

Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, is commonly caused by the return of a chickenpox infection from latently infected nerve cells in the spinal cord or brain. It It is soon followed within 1-2 days by a red, blistering unilateral rash distributed to the skin. Zoster tends to occur most often in the elderly & can be prevented with a vaccination.

Hives (Urticaria)
Hives, also known as urticaria, is an allergic skin condition due to antibodies in the bloodstream that recognize foreign chemicals. In this kind of skin disease the eruption appears suddenly anywhere on the body as elevated bumps surrounded by an intensely itchy red rash. Most of the time, urticaria resolves spontaneously within 8 weeks.

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory genetic condition in which patients develop scaling red bumps that coalesce into plaques & typically occur but are not limited to the scalp, elbows & knees. Psoriasis is not curable; it can come & go by itself. Different types of treatments are present depending on the severity & extent of involvement.

Eczema is very common among different kinds of skin diseases. It is a genetic condition that presents in early childhood with a chronic itchy, weeping, oozing dermatitis. Treatment involves the application of emollients to wet skin & occasionally the use of topical steroids.

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition of the facial skin. It is characterized by redness, papules, pustules & occasionally by the overgrowth of nasal connective tissue (rhinophyma. Treatment of rosacea involves topical & oral drugs.

Cold Sores (Fever Blisters)
Herpes simplex virus is responsible to cause Herpes labialis (cold sore). Cold sores commonly appear on the edge of the lip. The eruption is self-limited to about seven to ten days so that treatment is unnecessary unless the eruption becomes too frequent.

Plant Rashes
The development of a linear blistering eruption occurs within 24 to 48 hours of exposure to a member of the poison ivy or poison oak family of plants. The eruption will resolve within 3 weeks. The repeated application of cool wet compresses to the blisters followed by evaporation of the water can be soothing & speed healing.

Skin Tags
Skin tags are small, fleshy, pedunculated (on a stalk) growths that are often are found on the neck & armpits. They are very common & need not be removed or destroyed unless they become irritated.

Acne vulgaris is a noninfectious eruption of papules & pustules on the face & occasionally on the chest & back. It occurs in young people as they progress through puberty. Blackheads & inflammatory papules & pustules are all present simultaneously. Acne is not a condition of dirty skin but is mediated by hormones that begin to circulate during puberty.

Keep thorough knowledge on different types of skin diseases that in turn, helps you sometimes  to heal by yourself prior to seeing a physician.

Lethal sarin gas is used in Syrian chemical weapon attack

sarin gas
British Prime Minister David Cameron has said British laboratory tests have confirmed that the lethal sarin neuro-toxic gas was used in the notorious chemical attack in Syria in August. Speaking at the G20 summit in Saint Petersburg, he also questioned how Labour could live with itself for taking the easy political way out in Commons vote, a decision that he said had been made in the knowledge that a large number of children had been gassed to death in eastern Damascus.

Clues to the source of the poisonous gas that U.S. officials say killed more than 1,400 people last month may released from the weapon casing.

Sarin, the deadliest neuro-toxic gas which the United States says was unleashed by the Asad Government in a Damascus suburb, was developed by Nazi scientists in 1938.

Originally conceived as a pesticide, sarin gas was used by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's regime to gas thousands of Kurds in the northern town of Halabja. A cult also used this odorless gas, paralyzing agent in two attacks in Japan in the 1990s.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said lab tests on hair & blood samples taken from the emergency workers who rushed to the scene of the Damascus attack on August 21 had shown indications of sarin used at an escalated scale.

Inhaled or absorbed through the skin, sarin gas kills by crippling the respiratory center of the central nervous system & paralyzes the muscles around the lungs. This finally results in death by suffocation. Sarin can contaminate food or water in supply system, according to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, which notes that antidotes exist.

Sarin gas is 26 times more poisonous than cyanide gas. Just a pinprick sized droplet of sarin will kill a human. Exposure symptoms include nausea & intolerable headaches, blurred vision, drooling, muscle convulsions, respiratory arrest & loss of consciousness. Inhalation of a high dose -- say 200 mg of sarin gas may cause death within a couple of minutes, with no time even for symptoms to appear. Exposure through the skin takes longer to kill & the first symptoms may not occur for half an hour, followed by a quick progression. Even when it does not kill, sarin's effects can cause permanent harm, that is, by damaging a victim's lungs, eyes & central nervous system.

10 Amazing Facts About Cats You (Probably) Didn't Know

10 Amazing Facts About Cats You (Probably) Didn't Know Love cats? We're not surprised. Many people love cats and some of them have them as beloved house pets. But these cats are quite interesting. Get ready, as we are about to share with you 10 amazing facts about cats that you probably didn't know. It is time to test your cat I.Q.!

Fact #1: We have had house cats for a long, long time. Four thousand years actually. This dates back to Ancient Egypt, when cats were first domesticated. Wonder why these cats were willing to be tamed? It is likely that the large quantities of rodents (mice, rats, etc) that were near humans made this agreement quite tempting to your “typical” cat. The fact that cats were good at killing rodents also then earned them high praise in any household that kept them for a pet. What started in Egypt soon spread to other countries.

Fact #2: In Ancient Egypt, cats were very much loved, even revered. The Ancient Egyptians did worship a cat goddess. When their cats died, not only did they mummify them, but they would thoughtfully mummify mice for them to take along with them.

Fact #3: Think your house cat looks adorable as they play with a toy mouse so fiercely? You should always remember that deep inside every kitty lies the heart of a mighty hunter, ready to strike upon its prey. Cats have sharp claws and teeth to help them catch prey – whether it is a bird, mouse or an adorable kitty toy.

Facts About Cats
Fact #4: You may stumble around in the dark at night, reaching for the light switch. But your cat has no problem with the dark. Cats have light-reflecting eyes that help them to see even better than most of the things they try to hunt. You probably have seen your cat's eyes “glow” at night and have thought this was pretty, but nature always has a greater purpose than just being pretty!

Fact #5: Ever wonder the point of having a cat tail? A cat's tail is expressive and can tell you the cat's moods. A relaxed, slightly curled tail means a cat who is having a good day. A cat with an upright or slightly forward tail is one who is very happy to see you (their owner) or someone else they care about. A cat tail that twitches is one to keep your distance from, that is a cat who is not in a good mood. A cat's tail also helps with their balance as they jump and walk delicately from place to place over unbalanced surfaces.

Fact #6: You probably have had the experience of a cat rubbing up against you, or have seen them brush against something like the mailbox post. Cats “mark” their territory by leaving their scent around their home and the surrounding area. They will also leave their scent on people they care about, from their owner and other family members and friends. If a cat does this to you, take it as a compliment because this kitty is saying, “You are mine!”

Fact #7: Ever been licked by a cat, and noticed their rough tongue? This tongue's texture has a great purpose to help your cat ingest the food they need. Remember that cats are always hunters. This tough tongue can help them clean the meat from an animal bone, getting every single bit of it. Cats also groom themselves regularly – just about every day – using their tongue to clean their entire bodies. Their tongue does a lot of work!

10 Amazing Facts About CatsFact #8: Do you think “big” when it comes to cats? You'll want to know about the Savannah breed cat, the biggest house cat around. The Savannah is a domestic hybrid cat breed and is a combination of a serval and a domestic cat. It is a beautiful cat. It was first accepted officially as a breed in 2001 by the International Cat Association, but has been around since the 1990s. A Savannah is about the size of a small dog.

Fact #9: Do you have a lot of money to spend and want to get a pricy cat? Some cat breeds cost more than others. The Savannah breed we've just mentioned is one of the expensive cats, costing between $1,500 to $50,000. Not every pricy cat costs quite that much. You could get a beautiful Persian cat for about $500 to $5,500, or a friendly Russian Blue for $400 - $3,000.

Fact #10: Okay, so we've gotten you all excited about how cool and fun cats are, so you're going to get one. Wondering what to call it? Here are the top 5 cat names from to help get you started: Bella, Tigger, Oliver, Chloe and Angel. Remember: there's always Fluffy!