Power of Foreplay for Women and Men

What Is Foreplay?

The process of physical stimulation and sensory pleasure prior to sexual intercourse is termed as Foreplay. Although this concept cannot be described in a concrete manner; it comprises of all the physical and verbal activities that eventually advances towards intercourse. The aim of it is to assist easier climax as well as increase sensual pleasure.

Increasing Sexual Pleasure through Foreplay

Foreplay plays different but very import roles for men and women during sexual act. For women, it prepares her body for intercourse by increasing the sexual excitement and anticipation. The direct stimulation of erogenous zones makes women eager towards the actual penetration. Actions such as stimulation of breasts and vaginal area (which are very important part of foreplay) releases vaginal fluids which aids in easier and painless penetration which makes the sexual act a pleasure; not a pain for women. Furthermore, the more women get stimulated physically; the easier it is for them to achieve orgasm. This very outcome of testifies its importance particularly for women. One cannot deny the importance of a powerful erection in sex. One of the biggest complain that men often have in their sexual life is losing their erection. The most effective and probably the easiest way to maintain this erection lies in foreplay. Studies have often proven that it leads to an eventual but complete erection which heightens their sexual urge and pleasure through climax. Moreover, it ensures sensitivity and longitude of the intercourse. 

Foreplay and Intimacy

In every healthy relationship which values the importance of good sex life, foreplay is mandatory. When the aim of sex is to please the partner; it comes to aid in a big way. It increases the chance of experiencing better climax as well as receiving maximum physical pleasure which is a strong indication of better intimacy. Studies have often measured the level of intimacy by the dominance of foreplay in relationships. Better foreplay is the indicator of deeper intimacy between partners. Moreover it is the indicator of the interest in each other particularly in the cases where partners have been involved for a long time.
Though the function of foreplay may be different for men and women, one cannot deny its importance. So to ensure sexual pleasure, enhance intimacy, and more importantly to add the zest and spice in sex; foreplay cannot be ignored!
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