Lesbian but Attracted to Men

The very basic idea of lesbianism totally declines the involvement of sex with male. Being a lesbian directly puts one is a zone where one cannot even dare to admit  fantasising about men, let alone having sex with them. Due to social mindset, being attracted to men for lesbians is considered some sort of moral crime. Men are a tabooed entity for lesbians. Why will a lesbian be attracted to men? What happens if they so get attracted men and have sex with them? Do they become bi-sexual because they do want to experience sex with men? Is it right or wrong? Such various accusations do make it a very complex issue to analyse and admit in public. 

Why this attraction?

First of all human sexual instincts cannot be put in a hard and fast category. According to various studies conducted by sex analysts, every individual have tendencies of being attracted to the same sex at one point of their life. If we compare sexual preference in a scale of one to ten, ten would be someone who is sure of his preference and does not feel any sort of inclination towards the other sex. But this ten is very hard to come by. The most common score of people is seven to eight which makes them 90% rigid towards their preference but the rest 10% should not be ignored.

Are they bi-sexual?

 For lesbians, most people have a strict and biased opinion about their preference and sexual activities. So it puts pressure on them which makes it very difficult for lesbians to consciously recognise if they can get attracted to men. By default lesbians get the score 7 where they know they mostly prefer women to be sexually involved with. But if they do get attracted and have sex with men, they should not be considered bi-sexual because this attraction can happen only once in their life whereas for bi-sexuals they get the score of four to five which makes them more prone to be attracted to both sexes. So for lesbians sex with man is mostly a one night of passion and fulfilment of a fantasy.

Real or unreal lesbians?

Human sexuality is not a simple science; it is a very complex web of various physical and psychological makeups. There is no way that we can tag one heterosexual person real or one lesbian unreal only because they have inclination towards the other side. Their inclination may be a deep rooted fantasy or just a simple appreciation for human beauty. Or it can be just a curiosity that they have not come across before. So to it is justified to venture into the territory of human desires to proclaim what is real or unreal?
Analysing and judging lesbians who do get attracted to men are puzzling issues which depends on a lot of other related factors and can vary from person to person. It is therefore more mature and better to leave these determining attitudes behind and be more tolerant about sexuality. In this modern world, everyone has the right to pick and choose what they want and how they want. Lesbians should be given the same freedom too.
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