10 Amazing Facts About Cats You (Probably) Didn't Know

10 Amazing Facts About Cats You (Probably) Didn't Know Love cats? We're not surprised. Many people love cats and some of them have them as beloved house pets. But these cats are quite interesting. Get ready, as we are about to share with you 10 amazing facts about cats that you probably didn't know. It is time to test your cat I.Q.!

Fact #1: We have had house cats for a long, long time. Four thousand years actually. This dates back to Ancient Egypt, when cats were first domesticated. Wonder why these cats were willing to be tamed? It is likely that the large quantities of rodents (mice, rats, etc) that were near humans made this agreement quite tempting to your “typical” cat. The fact that cats were good at killing rodents also then earned them high praise in any household that kept them for a pet. What started in Egypt soon spread to other countries.

Fact #2: In Ancient Egypt, cats were very much loved, even revered. The Ancient Egyptians did worship a cat goddess. When their cats died, not only did they mummify them, but they would thoughtfully mummify mice for them to take along with them.

Fact #3: Think your house cat looks adorable as they play with a toy mouse so fiercely? You should always remember that deep inside every kitty lies the heart of a mighty hunter, ready to strike upon its prey. Cats have sharp claws and teeth to help them catch prey – whether it is a bird, mouse or an adorable kitty toy.

Facts About Cats
Fact #4: You may stumble around in the dark at night, reaching for the light switch. But your cat has no problem with the dark. Cats have light-reflecting eyes that help them to see even better than most of the things they try to hunt. You probably have seen your cat's eyes “glow” at night and have thought this was pretty, but nature always has a greater purpose than just being pretty!

Fact #5: Ever wonder the point of having a cat tail? A cat's tail is expressive and can tell you the cat's moods. A relaxed, slightly curled tail means a cat who is having a good day. A cat with an upright or slightly forward tail is one who is very happy to see you (their owner) or someone else they care about. A cat tail that twitches is one to keep your distance from, that is a cat who is not in a good mood. A cat's tail also helps with their balance as they jump and walk delicately from place to place over unbalanced surfaces.

Fact #6: You probably have had the experience of a cat rubbing up against you, or have seen them brush against something like the mailbox post. Cats “mark” their territory by leaving their scent around their home and the surrounding area. They will also leave their scent on people they care about, from their owner and other family members and friends. If a cat does this to you, take it as a compliment because this kitty is saying, “You are mine!”

Fact #7: Ever been licked by a cat, and noticed their rough tongue? This tongue's texture has a great purpose to help your cat ingest the food they need. Remember that cats are always hunters. This tough tongue can help them clean the meat from an animal bone, getting every single bit of it. Cats also groom themselves regularly – just about every day – using their tongue to clean their entire bodies. Their tongue does a lot of work!

10 Amazing Facts About CatsFact #8: Do you think “big” when it comes to cats? You'll want to know about the Savannah breed cat, the biggest house cat around. The Savannah is a domestic hybrid cat breed and is a combination of a serval and a domestic cat. It is a beautiful cat. It was first accepted officially as a breed in 2001 by the International Cat Association, but has been around since the 1990s. A Savannah is about the size of a small dog.

Fact #9: Do you have a lot of money to spend and want to get a pricy cat? Some cat breeds cost more than others. The Savannah breed we've just mentioned is one of the expensive cats, costing between $1,500 to $50,000. Not every pricy cat costs quite that much. You could get a beautiful Persian cat for about $500 to $5,500, or a friendly Russian Blue for $400 - $3,000.

Fact #10: Okay, so we've gotten you all excited about how cool and fun cats are, so you're going to get one. Wondering what to call it? Here are the top 5 cat names from Cuteness.com to help get you started: Bella, Tigger, Oliver, Chloe and Angel. Remember: there's always Fluffy!
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Javeria Khan said...

Cats are adorable and that is why there are so many facts about them which makes everyone love them even more. Like the small cats are small and furry. MOUSE, a nice treat for their taste buds! Long ago, Egyptians even used to worship cats. A cat's tail can tell you about its mood swings! their tongue's texture is a great help in ingesting the food they wish to eat. There are various cat breeds, all of them being cutely adorable.