Roofing in Derby – where arts and skills meet together

Roof is a must element of your home. A roof can completely change the look of your house and the value as well. Any confusion in terms of its types to be needed, quality and installation makes you puzzled. Besides, deficiency of professional, hardworking roofers could be additional hesitating issues for you.

Roofing depends on types of homes and largely varies on different architectural point of view. For example, commercial roofing in office, warehouse, school and hotels are far different from those of domestic in terms of materials used and looking.

You may use slate or tiles to make your roof. It is very popular roofing system in Derby (Derbyshire in England). A good amount of small handmade clay tiles to new concrete interlocking tiles could perfectly increase the outer look of your house. All slates should be fixed with two copper nails or stainless hanger clips. To make a gorgeous look you must employ professional slating team.

Today, among many others, green roof is getting popularity among city dwellers. It’s a living roof that is partly or completely covered with vegetation planted over a waterproof membrane.

Green roofs may serve several purposes for your building, such as protect excessive heat, absorbing rainwater, creating a habitat for wildlife and finally that would really be an eco-friendly home.

Every green roof is different and there are basically two types of green roofs mainly observed. These are - intensive and extensive roofs.

Intensive roofs are much thicker and can support a large variety of plants but are heavier. It requires more maintenance. On the other hands, extensive roofs which are covered with relatively light layer of vegetation and are require less maintenance than intensive roofs. Discuss in details with your roofing expert regarding the green roof design and installation and obviously the process of maintenance.

For commercial roofing, bitumin roofing system has a very strong record of reliability. It also provides a very cost effective roofing solution.

There are two types of bitumin roofing system. These are - modified bitumen membranes and built up roofing membranes.

Modified bitumen membranes are an evolution of asphalt roofing. This roof is made from asphalt with a variety of modifiers and solvents. The pieces are connected in several ways. In a heat application process the seams are heated so as to melt asphalt and create a seal. There is another cold-applied adhesive application process.

Again a built-up roof membrane made up of several layers of roofing felt adhered together by bitumen. In a built-up roof, the felt is laid over a mopping up pitching, that followed by a second mopping of bitumen, & process repeated, thus the name Build Up roof.

Single ply water-proof membrane, composite metal panel roofing are few popular and widely used roofing system. But the type of roof should be selected in terms of its utility.

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