Sexual intelligence and experts thoughts

Sexual intelligenceDifferent views of psychologists who talk about sexual intelligence and how to apply it to your life partner.
The dictionary defines intelligence as the ability to understand or comprehend. This, according to experts, can and should be applied to the knowledge of the sexuality of oneself and others. The sexual intelligence is not a talent but a learned skill. When you exercise, the effects can be as pleasurable as surprising, experts say.

Sexual intelligence introduced by American psychologists Sheree Conrad and Michael Milburn, is that "when one knows and hears himself, know what your points pleasure and learn to communicate them to the other person, your sexual life will be more fulfilling ".

This is one of the ideas that have applied in his book Do Not Disturb, which invites you to stop and take time for yourself, and notes that the most important thing is to know as people, know what are our goals, dreams, skills and attitudes and also how we respect sex, what we like and makes us feel good.

For the author of Do Not Disturb , enjoyment is not only what we do but the attitude we take, and conscience to do regarding the sexuality is something own individual, so we know each other very well and take responsibility for our happiness order to meet the other. ‘The better we are with ourselves and the more we love, the better our relationships,’ says this expert.

Sexual intelligence and experts thoughtsFor Conrad and Milburn, teachers and researchers from the University of Massachusetts and author of the book Sexual Intelligence, a lot of people feel some degree of dissatisfaction with their sex life, but do not admit it and not recognizing the problem, fail to solve. This is, according to these experts, because even in a society free of taboos we still talk enough with our partner about our desires and sexual needs.

Based on the findings of the inquiry, who poured in his book, Conrad and Mil burn highlight three of the most important keys to develop sexual intelligence is to identify those areas where they should focus to achieve greater sexual satisfaction, talk about sex with your partner and overcome inhibitions that deteriorate the erotic life.

Meanwhile the psychologist Esther Morales Leon, said that sexuality always has been seemed ‘better instincts linked to the intelligence, but the erotic dimension of each person is determined by their sexual IQ, which is a plot very important to our intellectual capacity.’

Sexual intelligenceFor this consultant clinical psychologist and Chilean sexuality be sexually intelligent and have a better sex life does not depend on luck, beauty or sex appeal inborn, but skills that people can acquire, develop and master over time.

Meanwhile, Sonsoles Fuentes, author of a book also called Sexual Intelligence, Morales matches that sexual intelligence is not innate but develops and feeds whenever we take responsibility for it. For Fuentes sexual intelligence can learn and improve all those wishing to better understand their sexuality and want to explore their own desires and real needs , without prejudice or misconceptions, according to this expert, who then asks can you be a more pleasant exercise?

According to the author of Seduce us again with conscious breathing we can connect with our physical sensations and increase them, we become sensitive to airflow and discovered that we can focus on the body part you wish and then directing our breath, create intense feelings of warmth in that area and spread to the rest of the body.

At least, the sexual intelligence depends on the partners how they make their sexual life more perfect & happier and get more pleasure.
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