How to choose best lingerie for women

lingerie for women
To show the world your best image for any occasion begins the real secret how to choose the right underwear according to your body type. Personally, I think is the most important item of clothing at the time, because if you do not choose right underwear, everything you put up do not look good. In addition, this type of clothing can become your best ally to create harmonious curves, hide and conceal parts of your body you do not like, look thinner, younger even without resorting to plastic surgery.
One of the most common mistakes among married women is the same size bra and panties for a lifetime, not realizing that their own body changes over time, whether due to age, pregnancy, weight increases and decreases or hormonal changes. It is therefore very important to check the size at least every six months or once a year in a specialized who can help you choose the right lingerie for your body type. If you want to look pretty detach yourself from all the underwear you have for a long time, you no longer have lost shape or color and invests in quality lingerie. I assure you that you will feel more safe and beautiful.

For women who have tummy underwear I recommend using a piece that holds everything at once and do not cut into two parts. Find one in which the top and bottom are two pieces that connect to not have to take off everything when you go to the bathroom. It is also advisable to make sure that the material is comfortable, high quality and not too tight as it will mark the seam through clothing. Underwear must be comfortable, cotton or lycra. Above all, it is smooth and elastic.
For buxom women, I recommend a minimizer bra that is your right size and a good support in the cup and in the strips. While for women with little bust is better to make use of the famous bra "push-up" to gain 1 or 2 sizes and having a body with more balance and proportion.

  • If your bra is good when you're testing it in the store, please also check shirt or blouse also favors you, considering that you are not wrinkle or leave any stray marks. Also you have to look to the straps fit perfectly without squeeze and you can fill the cup well.
  • Choose soft bras, lycra type, so that the clothes do not slide and wrinkles. If you like sexy lingerie, choose, above all, a good quality. Needless classic lace to you achieve the effect. Invest first in basic colors (cream, white and black).
  • The better tone with transparent or white clothing during the summer is the flesh color. It is also mandatory to have a set white and one black, with and without straps.
  • If you are using tops and sleeveless tops or straps uses a "strapless" (without straps) or a bra the same color of the top.
  • When washing your underwear using mild soap and wash in cold for delicates in the washing machine, but always let it air dry. The heat from the dryer can damage the elastic, but not expose the pledge for long in the sun as it can damage. To prevent deformation or fading, not wring nor hang dry them, spread them on a towel on a flat surface and shade.
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