Nail Polish in Pregnancy

Nail Polish There have been no reported occurrences of any undesirable effects on the outcome of a healthy pregnancy because of manicures or pedicures. However according to a new report from the FDA, research specifies that chemicals in nail polish, nail polish removers, & the like, namely acetonitrile and methyl methacrylate (a chemical that breaks down into cyanide when swallowed), are, actually, hazardous and can cause frequent health problems including contact dermatitis, poisoning, skin irritation, rashes, & even death.

These facts only cause concern & fear of manicures. Though the practice of using these cosmetic products could guide to a unique exposure to one or more of the element agents, the irregular use of nail polishes & minimal contact with their components within pregnancy seem unlikely to constitute a considerable risk to fertility or fetal welfare.

Pregnant womanWe couldn’t locate studies on reproductive outcome in female working with nail polish, but it can be assumed that a few exposure to the unpredictable components of the products is possible during their application & a few ingestion of the dried products may happen when foods are prepared & eaten with the hands. The scope of the exposures may vary greatly, depending on the aeration available & care taken in the relevance of the nail products, in addition to the maintenance of the coated nails, including habits for example nail biting. Nail polish & other nail care items entail the use of the following - Pigments (usually like a paste), Primary film former (a varnish with modifying resins), Flocculants, Surfactants, and Thinners. Also, a "mill base" consisting of a water-insoluble protective colloid & a plasticizer are used to make up the pigment glue.

A lot of the agents used are natural solvents, such as isopropyl alcohol, toluene, or ethylene glycol monomethyl ether, resins, for example phthalate esters and formaldehyde resin, which serve as plasticizers, in addition to polish-removing solvents, for example acetone. A questionnaire study of certified cosmetologists suggested a sixty percent increased risk of impulsive abortion in those women revealed to nail-sculpturing movement of other employees in the salon. Though nail care wasn’t the focus of the study, this finding is steady with associations found between miscarriage risk and hair chemicals in the same study.

If you want to use nail polish in pregnancy, we advise you follow these rules:

Nail RemoverApply the polish in a well-ventilated room and maybe stay next to an open window / door. The fewer you smell it, the fewer exposure you expected have.

Endeavor to apply only one coat, not numerous different ones.

While you dry the polish, do not blow on it & inhale the fumes and keep your hands far away and stay in a well-ventilated arena.

The similar precautions like in polishing apply when eradicating the polish.

Behind removing the polish, cleanse your hands well with soap to eradicate any residual polish & polish remover.
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