Sexual fantasies to enhance your relationship

Sexual relationship The change to improve your sexual relationship needs not produce you any fear or complex. Very often, the simple fantasies are most often like the boys. But do not get bogged down if you know how! With you discover tricks and without much effort on your part, get him out of all his sexual potential. Taking away the clothes, to fulfill your wishes and even domination might be the most common fantasies that come to mind. However, there are easier ways to get not so aware of what they want and also focus on your own satisfaction. 

And all at once! is simple. Put your worries aside and try new experiences with your guy. A little extra creativity in sex play will reinvigorate your relationship. Below, we give guidelines on how to perform the five sexual fantasies of your partner.

What's under the coat?

Coat in a shelter you from reaching below the knee and put only a set of sexy lingerie. Remember that black lace is one of the safest bets to seduce a man. Once you enter the house, greet your boy playfully and take your coat as if it was an oversight. It is important to maintain eye contact so that when you've shed the coat; your partner will get his mouth open.

Forget the bed, looking for a different place

Sexual fantasies
To break up the monotony of having sex in the bedroom, you need to think in unusual places such as the kitchen counter top, chair, and sofa or even in the bathtub. Both your partner like you, you will confront a new situation, what will that increase your sexual appetite. The small space you can take to try new positions and discover new pleasure points unknown far. The window seat, the kitchen table or the bathroom will provide you and your partner new sexual experiences.

The control is yours!

Forget that it is the man who must have control of sex. One needs to assume more proactive, bringing new ideas and making not only your sexual fantasies, but also your own. Fantasies of a woman also exist! So, you will achieve it to be your toy and you alone take charge of movement. If we add a few words of welcome, we will make your partner go crazy and want to give you the maximum pleasure. So, that will take over that at first you assumed.

A small fight

Try to escape from their clutches and tell him you're not interested in having sex at the time (do not forget your smile and the sparkle in his eyes so as to catch the hint). You are about to have a sexual relationship, so keep it at bay and make him see that any time you change your mind. Phrases like
"What are you doing" or "you are wrong" sensual tone that will ensure the maximum effort for bringing all your sexual potential?

Your image in a mirror

Sexual fantasies to enhance your relationship

Keep in mind that having a mirror nearby while you have sex will have positive consequences for both you and for your partner. See it from different angles and "in action" will increase your desire. The mirror serves for many couples as a support in finding new positions, as well as to improve already known. Look at your partner from new perspectives gives you a completely renovated sexual fantasies and your relationship.
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