Types of Love that exists

We actually love each other. And There are probably 6 types of love always seen around us.

One. In love

It relates to the feeling of intimacy. This type of relationship is the one between friends, family, etc.. What is clear is that more components need to be considered a relationship.

Two. Enthusiasm

It relates to the passion. As the word suggests, can be a strong but fragile feeling. Drunk at first but is exposed to disappear from time to time if there are no other feelings that deepen and stabilize.

Three. Love of fellow

It is the feeling of intimacy plus the commitment decision. The passion is not there, but it can develop. If not, the relationship is one that could be between two good friends, so that a third person who provoke passion in one of the members could stop this kind of relationship.

Four. Romantic Love

It's intimacy passion. Two important elements are present, but if there is no decision to proceed with the relationship, there is a commitment to the future, the potential for the relationship to continue is uncertain.

Five. Passionate love

Passion is coupled with the decision and commitment. Passion is subject to change, so that in the moments that disappears, privacy is needed to satisfy important personal needs. If it is not right now, it is very difficult it is something that unites us in a personal way to our partner. This kind of love is often confused with love consummated

Six. Consummate Love

It is the sum of three elements: intimacy passion and commitment decision. All people want this type of relationship, but is often confused with the love and passion that a lack of privacy. Such relationships can end when the passion fades and can not regenerate again because of this lack of privacy, it would have been in a passionate love. It is important to analyze whether there is that intimacy to know if love is consummated.
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Javeria Khan said...

Love has its own types!
Everyone is 'in-love' with their friends and family. With love, comes passion, which is a very strong but delicate feeling.Romantic and passionate love plus the love of fellow has its own significance and meanings. But everyone out there wants a conspicuous or you can say consummate love because its complete having all the factors and virtues of a true, never ending love.

Syed Moeen Uddin said...

its really an amazing post.