Astral travel and its dangers

Astral travel and its dangersLike everything, astral travel is not without its dangers, some say it is not so, but must be clarified.
Astral travel , the spiritual journey is something known since ancient times, many texts have mentioned the term, even in the Bible itself and also thousands of stories of those who were on the verge of death support the various theories.

The definition of astral travel simply means the separation of the physical body and astral body. Astral body is considered a subtle body, consisting of a translucent energy that would be an "exact" physical body.
Some people suggest that the astral body leaves the physical always by the pineal gland. Note that the astral lacks the typical limitations of the physical body and therefore it can pass objects, walls and move from one place to another.

Astral Travel

The definition of astral travel simply means the separation of the physical bodies and astral body.

Astral travel generally occurs autonomously. Those who have experienced a split live countless situations, some unpleasant and fears for the new situation and other extraordinary freedom of no restraints. Many testimonies have been astral travel to the brink of death in those minutes that have demonstrated the clinical death of the person. They say they are aware of everything that happens around your physical body looking even inert.

However, it should be noted that it isn’t required to be on the brink of death to experience it, in fact there is evidence that children are more likely to live this kind of experience unconsciously during sleep, as well as others still several techniques for achieve the split, which do not always manage to work.

Many are the symptoms of astral travel, including the most talked about are the uplifting feeling, something like floating in the air, coming to a point where you can see yourself lying peacefully in your bed, at that time is that many try to scream, talk or move without success. This is because you are out of your physical body and you cannot control it. However, once you adapt to this condition you can move from one side to another, pass doors, walls and even visit someone.

Hazards of Astral Travel:

Like everything, astral travel is not without its dangers, some say it is not so, however it seems prudent to clarify them:

Physical death:
There are those who say that one of the biggest risks of astral travel is the disconnection of the physical and astral bodies, this would occur to "cut" the silver cord connecting the two bodies. Since the silver cord is the one who unites and allows the return from astral travel (although some say they are not required to use). So far no one knows for certain the truth of this, because if someone dies for this reason could hardly know, however it was thought that a percentage of those who have died during sleep have been the product of astral travel.

Those suffering from heart problems may be at risk of a heart attack while traveling, this because those who have had this experience mentioned as his heartbeat increase considerably in and out of your physical body, therefore not recommended for those who suffer of coronary disease on journeys try.
Some additional effects are known such as emotional imbalance after the trip which would affect mostly those suffering mental illness.

If there is any people who frequently in astral travel, please take care and immediately take the advice from psychiatrist.
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Javeria Khan said...

Astral travel is basically the separation of astral body from physical body and travelling outside it. During astral travel, the person experiences an uplifting feeling, as if the body is floating in the air. Cons of astral travel includes near death experiences, sleep paralysis, heart starts beating faster especially in those suffering from heart problems. So people who mostly experiences this, needs medical help!