Information about traveling to Brazil

Brazil is one of the destinations of South America receives more visitors each year because of its carnivals, beaches, jungle and the constant party that lives there. Therefore, we share these simple and practical tips that will be very useful for planning your trip and during your stay in that country. And most probably useful for those who are going to watch next Football World Cup 2014 will held in Brazil.

Information about traveling to Brazil

Meet these simple and practical tips that will be very useful for planning your trip and during your stay in this South American country especially in Brazil.

First tips for traveling preparation:
Check with the consulate of Brazil of the country where you are, if according to your nationality or require a tourist visa to enter. This paperwork for you with the necessary time and thus not affect your travel date. The citizens of the countries of Mercosur do not need a visa; legally a valid passport is sufficient.

Second tips for traveling:
If your visit to Brazil wants to rent a car, you should know that as a tourist you can drive if you stay in the country for a period less than 180 days. If you stay for a longer period, you must file a Brazilian license. When driving with the permission of tourist carriage is important to always foreign driver's license and valid identification (which can be your passport).

Third tips for traveling:
The currency in Brazil is the Real, so both real travelers’ checks can be exchanged at banks, travel agencies and authorized hotels according to the exchange rate of the day.

Fourth tips for traveling:
Due to the extensive vegetation of this country is common in some areas the presence of mosquitoes carrying yellow fever, so it is recommended that people be vaccinated 10 days before traveling to certain places. Note that almost the entire Brazilian coast is considered no risk of contracting the disease, this area extends from Rio Grande do Sul to Piauí, except north of Espírito Santo and southern Bahia.
Information about traveling to Brazil

The government of Brazil asks tourists from the following countries, an international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever:

Angola, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Cameroon, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, French Guiana, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Republic of Congo, Benin,  Sierra Leone, Sudan, Venezuela and Zaire.

If you need more information about the Brazil for traveling, please contact the nearest consulate of the country you have.
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