The next blow of Google: A 'smartphone'

Motorola is preparing to present its first smartphone since it was bought by Google and how could it be otherwise, the leaks have skyrocketed. The internet giant will spend $ 500 million to market only and it seems that the Smartphone will come with a surprise component that aims to give a bombshell on the hard mobile phone market.

The next blow of Google: A 'smartphone'

If Apple recently announced that the next iPhone will come with an alleged killer feature, and we talked about the possibility of a fingerprint reader instead of the annoying unlock bar, it seems that Google will also add a new technology to their future device: it will be able to hear even with the screen off.

And the technology takes time betting big on its voice assistant. Google Glass without going any further, intelligent glasses that can handle voice and tried in Teknautas with very good results are a clear example of this. The Mountain View has improved his assistant who understands practically everything; to the point where even handle better than a phone. After trying the glasses could also check how much has distanced himself from his rival: Siri, which is still stuck in the same old problems.

In an interview with Forbes, Jeff Dean, engineer & scientist of Google, explained that the tool works using a technology similar to the human brain. Learn from your mistakes and improve over time. Something called "deep learning".

Moto X: a mobile intended for use only by voice!

According to the latest leaks , Google terminal to be called Moto X, will be always listening, even if the screen is off, which will use it without touching it at any time. The way to activate it is the same as the of Google Glass, which in beta only involve you to say Ok Glass and then the order to run perfectly.
As we noted, the tool uses the device to understand the user's voice assistant.
The next blow of Google: A 'smartphone'  
But not this only, the extraordinary quality has the Smartphone of the Mountain View. According to the newspaper Business Insider, the Moto X will, exactly as do other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, scroll through various utilities and tools from gestures, without touching the screen with your fingers. Plus there's a notification system similar to the one included in iOS 7 displays incoming calls, texts or tweets, to name just a few examples, from the lock screen.

Company sources claimed last May that the Smartphone will launch in October, but the latest leaks could occur in August in a strategic move by the Google to anticipate the launch of the new iPhone from Apple.
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