Insurance of All Risks of Self Propelled Equipment

In order to carry out all these activities are necessary machines and equipment, the use of which is accompanied by a risk a conflict with the moving car or a fixed object, hit a problem, rolling, falling object on the car, settling into the ground and the car driver inattention while using it as a result of which can happen accident as the car or the unit may damage the storm or fire the ones on the car because of a storm or other piece of wood a natural flood, theft, vandalism, etc and all of risks can be reduced with insurance.

A chance to protect a variety of machines and devices of all risks insurance self-propelled machinery and equipment. The policyholder may be a person having an insurable interest the owner or the rightful owner of the car. The object of insurance is the car moves on the ground together with the working mechanism and its tow or other device in the configuration provided by the manufacturer. If you are working on a machine using multiple working arrangements, with respect to the disconnected the working mechanism of the insurance contract at the storage, regardless of whether the machine on the job site or moves within the space of security from one place to another.

The sum insured the market value of the car, which isn’t reduced by the amount of the paid. Insurance incident it is an unexpected damage, destruction or loss of the machine in place of insurance and within the period of insurance for a reason that is not excluded under the terms of insurance.

The cause of the insurance case may be, for example:

· fire, a direct hit by lightning, storm or the ones on the car because of a storm, natural flood, theft, burglary or robbery;

· car collision with a moving or stationary object, tumbling, falling objects on the car subsidence in the ground and the car driver inattention while using it;

· traffic accident in the course of traffic on a public road;

· overturning or falling machine during transport and loading it into a vehicle or unloaded from it;
the cause of which is not excluded under the terms of insurance.

In the case of partial damage to the machine, if the damages may recover the expenses will be reimbursed for the restoration or replacement:

· The costs of dismantling, recovery and mount the damaged part;

· The cost of replacing the damaged part with the cost of transportation and installation.

· If reimbursement is calculated on the replacement age, the technical condition, wear and completeness of the replaced part.

The reasonable costs of rescue and transport of the machine, in the case of the entire destruction of the machine, as well as in case of theft and robbery recovered the market value of the car.
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