Dental emergencies for child


If your kid has a toothache or a hole in a tooth, take your child to the dentist instantly. Tooth decay can easily lead to a disease which will be very aching for your kid.


If your child's gums bleed through tooth-brushing take your kid to the dentist as soon as possible. This bleeding can be caused by lack of appropriate care for the teeth, or it may be a sign of a medical condition. Your dentist can check this & advise you.


If your child falls & hurts a tooth take them to the dentist speedily. If the teeth are loose, specially the permanent teeth, they need to be replaced in the splinted and socket as soon as possible, if possible within the hour. The sooner the tooth is back in place the better its possibility of survival in the long term.

If the tooth is knocked out

  • Get the kid to the nearest dentist or hospital by the tooth/teeth in saline or milk.
  • If incapable to get the child to a dentist in one hour: Hold the tooth with the crown; wash tooth, if dirty, in saline or milk; don’t scrub or touch the root of tooth; reinstate the tooth in the socket; ensure it goes in the right way, root first and ensure that the tooth isn’t back to front, you can verify this against the next to oth or someone else's frontage teeth.
  • Take your kid to a dentist or hospital immediately so they can splint the tooth in right position.
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