Nokia Lumia 1020 – Phone for the photographers

What has gotten the Nokia Lumia 1020 is striking. A little over a year first showed PureView technology. Developed for Symbian phones, was too large and cumbersome to integrate it into a contemporary smartphone. Here is today in all its glory in the new company phone with 4.5 inch screen. And, maybe because I'm an amateur photographer mobile, I see in it the way to go for the rest of the industry.
Nokia Lumia 1020 – Phone for the photographers

The idea is the same as the 808 PureView. This phone sensor captures 41 million pixels but the result is compressed in a 5 megapixel image. It is possible to zoom and pan the photos more accurately selecting different parts of the image and can even be re-frame and zoom images once taken, all without losing quality finish.

In recent months we have seen several attempts to mix a camera with a phone. Not a bad idea but the result is still a sum of two devices. PureView is, instead, an attempt to find a different solution that does not require complex optical or create a phone too big. As an additional feature, has an accessory that adds a handle with firing button and some extra battery.

Nokia Lumia 1020 is not perfect, of course, but some of the problems are not the fault of Nokia. Windows Phone 8 does not have many apps that would help take advantage of the camera, as the editor Snap seed or a native version of Instagram. The phone can stay somewhat short in memory (32 GB, not expandable, for a phone with clear emphasis on large photographs) and is more expensive, even subsidized, other market offerings. In the USA, goes on sale for $ 299 on contract when it is normal for most high-end phones to stay in $ 199.

But Nokia Lumia 1020 still an interesting twist in the phone market and one of the best products that have come from Finland in the last five years.
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