The Ultimate Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
You simply can’t go wrong with the Little Black Dress; it is been around since time immemorial. The day when first dress was invented we are sure that it was a LBD. They are designed to be chic & ultra-figure flattering, this fashion item of clothing is a must for all wardrobes. They are style life savers for a start. There is though one sticking point and that is this: With so much choice around with versions on the Little Black Dress.

For more curvier women, why not go for a sleek silhouetted style, no frills or anything to sidetrack from your totally curvalicious form. We are thinking fixed shift dresses that cling tightly to your body. When accessorizing tries not to overdo it, a simple pearl necklace will be enough along with one or two pieces of limb candy. This is just to dress up the extremely figure hugging outfit, overall attention shouldn’t be taken away from how gorgeous you look in your tailored LBD. For slimmer girls we advise rocking those dresses with the detail, you can afford to get away with shiny buttons. 

Little Black DressThe Ultimate Little Black DressFor the flat chested why not go for dresses with plenty of detail on the top half. The pretty patterns & frills will take attention away from slim forms and give your style. Slim girls have the advantage when it comes to accessorizing. Think Lady Gaga with her slimmer frame, she can get away with accessorizing using anything. Try draping layers of necklaces over one another, a combination of short & long pieces give a real eclectic feel to your look.

The Ultimate Little Black DressBlack DressFor Taller ladies, specialist advises wearing that feisty little knee length number.  So if you have the legs so why not show them off? Trying a maxi dress will only serve to make taller girls look even taller. Having the height gives girls an extra advantage of being able to pull off sexy & sleek without too much effort.

Shorter lasses on the other hand could do well to try & do pretty delicate details such as lace and beading. Anything feminine will look sweet & dainty on smaller framed women. But you can also accessories with other trends: Try a flowery style knee length dress with a biker style jacket for added hardiness. Dresses on smaller girls also look fab with heavy work boot.
Little Black DressThe Ultimate Little Black Dress

Little Black Dresswomen Little Black Dress

The Ultimate Little Black DressThe Ultimate Little Black Dress
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