Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: Their Story is Really Over!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus talked regarding her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth in an interview with "V" on the cover of which she appears in underwear. We hope she did not interview in the same outfit she finds herself on the cover of "V", namely photographed by Mario Testino showing its beautiful carved underwear sports body lips painted scarlet and her short hair dyed pink and wearing brush. Miley Cyrus is indeed the cover of the famous American magazine, in which it is delivered on his relationship, his work and his style. 

At 20, the singer and actress have a sense of priorities. Responding to rumors that say the separate her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus does not beat around the bush: "I am not all the time at home with my boyfriend is working every week. Are they broke? I do not have time to go to Starbucks every morning with my boyfriend. I wish I could, but this is not the case. And then time we can really go together, I prefer to go to rest at home with him. "

I must say that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have both of busy schedules. The actor we saw in "The Hunger Games" and "Expandables 2: special unit" last year will soon be in "The Hunger Games - The Blaze", "Paranoid" and "Love and Honor". Suffice to say that he had to cut out. As for the singer, she prepares hard his new album, which will be in the same vein as her new dress and hair style: far away from the little girl that has known Disney "Hannah Montana". And she is in this album - "I'm in the studio all day he gets up to leave work at 6:00 and returns studios in 17 hours I put my record before everything else I have too relied on to place anything on top. "

But it is not because she has decided to change lanes musically Miley intention of breaking debut. Honest and lucid, she says: "I can never say I do not like" Party in the USA ' and I do not appreciate it. This is what brought me everything I have today. I do not deny that, However, Miley Cyrus does not budge, for her, the change is really now. I'll change, I'll be different and I’ll do what I want. I cut my hair and I bought a pair of Doc and I will not repeat it.
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