Healthy food for kids

Health of kidsThe healthy eating for kids should be a priority for any responsible mother or father. Unfortunately we accelerated our day to day, coupled with aggressive advertising campaigns riding the big fast food chains; make it increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy eating for children. That's why my blog decide to include Ideal Body Commandments, an article that helps parents to maintain direct attention to the importance of feeding the children.
It is a universal fact that most young children do not like vegetables or fruit. However you need to teach them to eat these foods as they constitute a strong pillar of healthy eating for children and for adults too.

The resort to fast foods either by necessity or pleasure, it is becoming a habit in our society stronger.
It is important to start talking to our children about the benefits of healthy food and the consequences it can have the abuse of elements such as sugar, fat or alcohol. But to be able to do, first we must have the knowledge and know pass it through the formative years.

There are some factors that influence a healthy eating for children and can help tremendously in the training process. First factor on healthy eating for children

The example of their parents is the most important factor that influences a child to take or not healthy eating style.

It is very common to happen to a parent give directions to his or her children on how to do things, however he is not doing well!

It is often said that it is better to teach by example and in terms of healthy eating for kids, the similar rule applies. 

To teach our children to eat healthy, we must eat healthy. We need to learn that fast food but tastes good, not the best for our body. Not to say that we cannot eat, because it is always good to shop and eat tastes what we want. But this is something to do from time to time and not every day.

 As parents sometimes we excuse ourselves by saying that we have no alternatives for food than fast food. This is the same as our children think and act that way.

It is normal for a child is passionate about the fries and candy, but a work of education of their parents, can do that eventually comes to prefer healthier options.

It is important that we draw time to eat with our children. It has been proven that children who eat with their parents often tend to eat healthier and have the opportunity to see new foods that eventually may include among their favorites, following the example of their parents. Second factor on healthy eating for children

Buy healthy foods home, like fruits, vegetables, cereals and bread, milk. Healthy snacks like yogurt, nuts, raisins, peanut butter. Instead of the typical biscuits and snacks used, which have a high content of sugar and fat.

Obviously this is often easier aforesaid than done, however if we want to achieve healthy eating for kids, we must begin to make changes in our food shopping routines for home & daily food.

If you like fast food and you too, assigned one day a week to eat and go and do family. Eventually the child will learn to do the same and grow with that in your head.

Here are some clues that will help make it easier the path to healthy eating for children.
  • Do not force children to eat all the food on the plate. 
  • Do not give food rewards.
  • Involve your children in the purchase of food for the home.
  • Make sure that you and your children can read labels with nutritional information for the foods they eat.
  • Guide them in decisions about the food they want to consume, but remember that you must know yourself first. Do not kid yourself and instead, try to make them understand since childhood, the importance of good nutrition.
  • Do not forget that if as parents we focus on one healthy eating for children, in the future we will have healthy and happy individuals.
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