10 safety tips for Online Shopping

Online Shopping
Many people shop online , but sometimes are victims of scam in revealing the keys to their credit cards or fall into fake sites. That is why Kaspersky Lab delivers you the following safety tips when shopping online. 

1. Protect your computer

Never buy online without having a good antivirus built, so you can detect infected files and prevent you from entering non-secure pages.

2. Beware of deals

No doubt offers and promotions are tempting, but if you buy you should take certain precautions . If you see an item too cheap might have some kind of failure, better, make sure either.
10 safety tips for Online Shopping

3. Beware of fake websites

There are many fake sites on the web, with the sole intention of stealing money from your credit cards. So always check the authenticity of the site. Official sites always include contact information, address or phone number where you can reach.

4. Personal Information

Do not give your data nor your personal bank account, to sites not guarantee you safety .

5. Buy encrypted pages

The encryption security illegible certain important data like passwords, maintaining the confidentiality of the information. To find out if a page does, just look for "https" at the beginning of the address will show immediately after a key or padlock.

6. Use a credit card for online purchases only

Use a credit card that has a limited capacity to buy online only, in this way if they steal your data, the damage will not be as severe.

7. Use strong passwords

Avoid using passwords with your birth date or the names of your children, because the hackers will be very easy to decipher. The program Kaspersky Password Manager helps you achieve a secure and unique password.

8. Save your receipts

Always keep the receipt for your purchases Internet as a file on your computer, so it will not matter if you lose the original, as you will have a backup.

9. Make use of the return policy

If you are unhappy with your purchase, simply return it. Most online stores offer a return policy for a specified period, and consumers have every right to make use of it.

10. Check your statement

Stay abreast of the inflows and outflows of money from your account, so you will have the certainty that they overcharged you, and if you encounter any surprises, you have 30 days to notify the bank to take appropriate action.
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