Cloths with sun protection

sun protection
Sun protection is always in style, but it is certainly buzz-worthy this season.  The FDA recently released new sunscreen labeling rules to make sure consumers are clear on how well each product protects them against sun exposure. Another way to protect harmful UV rays? Wearing dresses specially designed to guard your skin against the sun—i.e., Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) clothing.

All clothing provides some sun protection, but there are certain fabrics, fabric treatments, constructions & dyes can increase it. Anyone can wear UPF clothing for sun protection but it is best for fair people who burn easily or for anyone who has sensitive skin that sunscreen tends to irritate. It is also a great move for athletes who break a sweat outdoors. Even the best sunscreens, sometimes, will sweat off relatively quickly if you are doing heavy exercise.

You need to know everything about sun protection

 A UPF rating fabrics indicates how much UV radiation from both UV A & UV B rays can pass through the fabric to your skin. For instance, a shirt with a UPF rating of 40 blocks all but 1/40th or about 2.5% of UV radiation from both UV A & UV B rays & a shirt with a UPF 50 rating stops all but 1/50th or about 2% percent of UV radiation. Compare that to your T-shirt which has an approximate UPF of 4 to 10. Of course, even if you are wearing UPF clothing, you will still need to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Unless your sunscreen says it is “broad-spectrum,” it only protects against UV B rays.

Clothes cannot be marked as being UV-protective or sun-protective unless they rate at a UPF of 15 or more, according to the Federal Trade Commission. A UPF rating above 40 is considered excellent & the max rating you will find is 50+.

And good news for your sun protection

Covering up can still be really cute. Check out the awesome clothing with UPF 50 or UPF 50+ below & then get ready to head outdoors for all of your summer workouts & adventures! But remember, you should still toss sunscreen in your bag in case you make a costume change like stripping down to your bikini for a dip in the pool.

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