Myths about sex after forty

Forty may be the new 30 but considering the misconceptions about women’s sexuality & desirability after a certain period, you’d think 40 was the new 80! We silently believe that only young people have sex. But that could not be further from the truth. Here, few myths we are happy to dispel for you. 

Myth 1: You do not need sex after forty as you get older.
It is hard to redefine what the need for sex is after you are done baby-making. You never die without sex. It is not like that of food or water. But that does not mean you need it any less than other things that bring joy, satisfaction & better emotional as well as physical health. However, sex gets blood flowing, which brings nutrients to all parts of your body. It makes Deep breathing, Heart pumping—that's all good for you.

Myth 2: Those unwanted extra pounds make you undesirable while you have sex after forty.
Enjoying sex is not a matter of how you look. It is a matter of how you feel. You can have confidence at any weight. If  you find that you are not feeling your best, go for a 30 minute fast walk with your partner rather than have another helping of pasta at dinner. Try to cancel that inner monologue that is telling you men do not find less-than-perfect bodies sexy.

Myth 3: Your body is not sexually fit once you enter perimenopause.
The changes that occur before menopause, such as irregular period, mood changes & lack of vaginal lubrication will affect your sex life. But a changing body is still a sexually fit body. So avoiding sexual activity may only worsen things.

Myth 4: You are too tired for having sex after forty.
This one persists for good reason. It makes sense that you would be more exhausted now than you were 20 years ago. But it is more likely that “I am too tired” is an excuse to stay away from sex.
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