Six Ways to dig up a stronger erection

stronger erection
Have you ever felt humiliated of not satisfying ‘ur partner because of erection problems?

As you grow older you will find it a little hard to get a strong erection & satisfy your sex partner in bed. A weak erection can damage your sexual relationship & hurt your pride as well, to say the least. So, it is at all times necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a fully satisfying sex life., a strong & hard erection is something women crave most for while you gear up for some action between the sheets.
We bring you 6 ways to get a harder erection.
1. Eat well, keep it hard: Simple changes in your diet can increase your libido & give you a harder erection. Foods like eggs, bananas, nuts, chillies, figs, onions & wine can increase your sexual ability. Word of concern: Steer clear of junk food.
2. Your penis needs exercise: Healthy men are always sexually dynamic. Exercise is one of the greatest ways to increase your sex drive & sexual strength. It decreases stress which is an erection killer & helps enhance testosterone creation in the body. Kegel exercises are an ideal workout for the penis.
3. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol: You must have heard this a million times, smoking & drinking can really affect your sexual life. Smoking reduces your blood circulation & results in less lung capacity. It can impact your ability to get & maintain an erection. And alcohol can numb the body & lead to temporary erectile dysfunction.
4. Do not masturbate too often: Save something for a real sex. Too much masturbation can reduce your sexual appetite. Continual erections & ejaculations may lead to weaker erection the next day. So, control your urge!
5. Know the right sex positions: Always warm up with oral sex. Sexual positions like missionary & doggy style allow more blood flow, leading to a stronger & harder erection. And do not ever let her ride you first!
6. Throw away those tight undergarments: Stay away from wearing tight or any underwear, for that issue, while sleeping or resting. It restricts blood flow to the penile tissues which in turn can affect erection force. Always go for loose, airy undergarment.
Simply stop worrying about weak erections & lead a healthy sex life.

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bruce atherton said...

A few sex positions are ideal for the men that tend to climax too fast. Spooning is one example. The position allows for gentler penetration rather than deep thrusting.

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