Don’t do these while meet his family first

If your relationship is becoming more serious & you are nervous about meeting his family, not to worry, we are highlighting a mix of thoughtful & hilarious tips to help you when you are going to meet his family first.

Don't bring your cell phone to the dinner table while meet his family first.
 At the dinner table with his family first, never attend phone call with less priority. Don’t text the entire meal on your cell phone & does nothing that makes them understand you have more important people to converse with.

Don't get all touchy-feely.
Don’t be affectionate in front of his family member that may make them really uncomfortable. Seriously, there is an appropriate time & place and…in front of your boyfriend’s parents is not one of them.”

Don't forget your manners.
Don’t be rude & disrespectful to his family members. Try to help the other members to clean the table & wash the dish after the meal. It is important to be respectful & open-minded when you meet new people & experience their traditions. Don't avoid talking to his family just because he is not there to get the conversation started.

Don't be a know-it-all.
Don’t try to get control over the conversation. Listen carefully the conversation & help them to continue it but never interrupt in the middle of the way.

Don't drink too much (or maybe at all).
Drinking & meeting the family are never good ideas. Think about how embarrassing & rude it will be your first impression with all these naughty drinks. You had better avoid drinks while meet his family first.

Always speak the truth.
Be careful while talking. Avoid telling lie. Dishonesty is always a red flag.

Respect his family rules.
Every family has some rules & tradition to follow.  Try to know them before going to meet his family first. Dress appropriately while visiting his family. It will help you to be a decent character before them.

Finally, just as you shouldn't show up without a gift for the host, you shouldn't let a week go by without sending a follow up thanking your boyfriend's parents for the meal and the chance to get to know them.
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