HIV positive mothers can be life threatening for babies

HIV positive mothers
Female carriers of the HIV virus can be mothers without risking the lives of their babies, if they meet strict doctor's orders, specialists today reported Ministry of Health (MoH). Such measures include adherence to antiretroviral therapy ( Targa), cesarean delivery and use formula instead of breast milk, reported the national coordinator of the Strategy of Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis B, Carlos Benites Villafane. "If you meet this treatment protocol There is only less than one percent risk for transmission to occur: that is, that she will pass the virus to her baby, "the surgeon told Andina. As part of the commemoration of the Day Mother, the physician participated in the celebration organized by the MoH for the 250 mothers living with HIV and treated Archbishop Loayza National Hospital (HNAL). At this hospital there are 2,200 known cases of patients who carry the virus, the which 40 percent are women. 
According to the doctor, in the past five years the Department of Infectious Diseases reported only two cases of infants who were infected by their mothers. "The hospital is at an average rate of mother-child transmission of 2 percent, the lowest in relation with other specialized nosocomios country, "he said. hospital director, Zarela Solis Vasquez, reported q ue infectious diseases service has a multidisciplinary team of professionals, highly trained and specialized, serving HIV cases coming from Lima Manila, but also other parts of the country "Our hospital is a model of mother-child care in case of HIV, because it applies the protocols and meets the standards set," he said. Currently, 22,000 patients with virus HIV antiretroviral therapy MoH free, although it is estimated that approximately 100,000 Peru Peruvians are infected.
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