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Acer T272HL Touch Screen
With the touch screen average user occurs at every step from the Smartphone to the payment terminal. However, household models are usually built on inexpensive TN-matrices. Therefore, our guest today - a real gem. Acer T272HL not only takes ten simultaneous touches, but also uses a modern WVA panel. It is worth noting that modern desktop touch monitors of good ideas have not been able to become a truly mass product. Most people still prefer to control your computer with your mouse and keyboard. Then the cause may be called by several factors.

First, the touch screen it's not always convenient. In the case of the tablet, you can sit on the couch with his hand on the arm rests and all control actions take away quite a bit of energy due to slight movements of his hands. Another thing a desktop monitor. Diagonal screen size from 24 to 27 inches it is not only the most popular sizes of modern displays but also a very considerable strain on the shoulder muscles as the hand most of the time on the weight.

Second, to reduce the cost of product manufacturers often use inexpensive TN-matrix, which is usually reproduced image of a pretty mediocre. Today, the user has a wide range of monitors based on low-cost, but very high-quality e-IPS-matrix and many prefer the ability to manage a good picture with his hands.

And thirdly, developers often limited support one maximum of two touches simultaneously, thus significantly limiting the touch screen function. But this is a huge opportunity that could be successfully applied not only for entertainment but also for a significant simplification of work processes.

The company Acer - one of the few manufacturers of displays, which continue to implement touch screen technology into their products. And time after time its products are not only getting better but also gain access to additional features so attracted the attention of new users. Our guest today is not only combines great design and sensor technology, but also built on the basis of the modern WVA-matrix. Thus, the Acer T272HL has all the chances to overcome the major drawbacks of the class and gained popularity among users. The design allows you to tilt the panel is almost horizontal and thus work with such a wide screen will be much more convenient. Matrix vertical alignment, as our experience suggests differs deep black color and as a result, a high contrast. Also, the panel of this type has excellent color reproduction and new samples are usually also spared from the main disadvantage of technology: the noticeable change in color when viewing the screen at an angle. In addition, the monitor supports touch input and is compatible with the operating system Windows 8. It is worth noting that the hero of this review, it is also the largest touch screen of Acer.
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