China: Cream milk bank as an alternative to powder

China: Cream milk bank
China Open in June its first "milk bank" as an alternative to artificial, whose quality was challenged in 2008 when six babies died and 300,000 suffered poisoning to be adulterated with melamine. According to reports the China Radio International, since the bank was opened in late March, in a trial period, it has received a donation of three liters of milk. Through these donations from eight women have been fed to six babies at the center, located in the city of Canton , in the south. In China, as one of the founders of the bank, Liu Xihong, 30% of mothers in rural breastfeed while in the cities do 20%. Liu, who hopes bank the future help promote breastfeeding in the country, explained that as babies consume between 200 and 300 millimeters of milk a day, the current bank can only feed ten children per day. 

The China Radio International reported that the Medical Center for Women and Children of Canton donated 500,000 yuan ($ 81,500) to the future bank. After the scandal of melamine milk contamination in 2008 , Chinese authorities increased controls on the dairy industry, although years later they relapsed into crime. In April 2011, police in the central city of Chongqing intercepted 26,000 kilos of melamine milk from a dairy company Inner Mongolia, for the manufacture of ice cream, and that did not reach the population.According to health authorities published in early January 2012, 45% of 1,176 milk producers registered in this country did not pass the final quality inspection. Melanin is an industrial component used to create plastic and resin, which causes kidney problems and, in severe cases, even death.
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