Apple TV - Your Own TV

Few of them who have Apple TV - because it's kind of like people do not need. But recently Apple TV has finally become a meaningful and appeared officially. In this article we will look at what this thing is so, why it is needed and how to use it.

Apple products event the opening of a store iTunes Store, allows you to purchase or rent movies and music. Whether it can significantly affect the situation in the country with license content or not this is a topic for another conversation. But that's what it was accurately with the advent of iTunes Store for all the fans of Apple products opens a brand new chapter in the history of the relationship between Apple and its customer. Thus, the lack of opportunities for our citizens to legally purchase digital content through the iTunes Store service was one of the reasons why not officially delivered another interesting product from the product line Apple. It is a model Apple TV - the media player, the existence of which many owners of devices with easily recognizable symbol in the form of a bitten apple may not even have heard of.

Apple TVThe device name of the ignorant person may enter into an easy mistake. No, nothing to do with a TV tuner device that does not have, even TV show or movies can demonstrate. And the "ether" you can build as you wish. Do you want to watch movies and listen to music from their own collections and want choose the paid content from iTunes Store. This device is a media player, which on the one hand, it may be the center of home entertainment and the other sort your music library, including movies, music and photos, wherever they may be. It does not matter, MacBook is, iPhone or any PC. If only the media had access to the network and the installed program iTunes.

An option in Apple TV is as the other devices of this manufacturer. In the cubic cardboard box, in addition to securities, the player itself is only the power cord and remote control. The power supply unit built in, so that another adapter socket in your house will not be cluttered. Cables for connection with the Apple TV are not included. So it is better to buy more and HDMI-cable.

Official sales of the device begin immediately with the third generation model, which substantially reduced in size and weight compared to the first version. It is not difficult to guess that the reason for the external metamorphosis were internal changes on the hardware platform. The third generation of Apple TV - is a successful tandem of central single-core Apple A5 processor from Samsung with a clock frequency of 800 MHz and dual-core graphics controller PowerVR SGX543MP2. Coupled with a module of RAM 512 MB of these components play a key role in what opportunities may please his new member. It is primarily about playing video files with a resolution of 1080p. A model of the second generation Apple TV is a feature that was not. The prefix has two network interfaces: Gigabit wired and wireless Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, capacity which is sufficient for handling movies Full HD. But for the connection of external devices from Apple TV, there is also Bluetooth-interface.
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