Amazon’s Smartphone with 3D screen

Amazon’s Smartphone with 3D screen
Amazon offers a variety of hardware, as well as its Kindle e-readers and tablets, however currently it’s trying to expand the road with 2 new Smartphone’s & an audio-only device that streams music, in line with the Wall Street Journal. The phones embrace a high end one with a glass free 3D screen, in addition as another regarding that details weren't enclosed within the report that presumptively would be a lot of ancient style.

Amazon has been reported to own been functioning on a phone for a short time currently, conjointly the recent hiring of high Windows Phone evangelist Charlie Kindel also raised alarms that Amazon may well be within the smartphone business presently. Regarding however Kindel had antecedently mentioned Android’s fragmentation downside, and the way it provided chance for different players to improve and pioneer. this might be what he’s trying at Amazon, and these devices may well be a part of that project, though nothing regarding its plans are formally unconcealed as of nevertheless.

The reported 3D screen device is claimed to use some reasonably retina-tracking technology to gift a holographic image that’s seeable while not glasses, which hovers higher than the screen. It sounds somewhat sort of a gimmick to be honest, particularly considering however CE devices with 3D have fared to this point, just like the 3DS, that recently has downplayed its 3D capabilities in recent selling. Different phone manufacturers, as well as HTC and Sony Smartphone, have conjointly covered with 3D displays on phones, that entire have basically did not build a bearing.

Lately, however, lots of corporations are making hardware that does not essentially have a straightaway apparent niche. There’s the Chrome book Pixel, as an example, in addition as Google Glass and rumors of the Apple good watch. There is the Acer Aspire R7 a lot of recently, too, all of that basically purpose to a requirement to own an enormous, splashy marquee product that isn’t essentially the most popular shopper device.

Amazon’s Smartphone

Amazon’s different phone might be the lot of mass-market play, and also the dedicated audio player looks like it would need to become the iPhone of the streaming music generation. WSJ says that a number of these devices may launch as presently as within the next few months, tho’ there’s no guarantee that they won’t be shelved, therefore 3D screens might conjointly simply be one thing Amazon is testing internally.

We’ve reached bent Amazon for comment and have nevertheless to listen to back, however can update this post if they supply any official comment.
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