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Passport Cover
A passport is a very important document, which is issued by a state government, which certifies the identity & nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travel. The elements of identity controlled in all standardized passports include information about the holder, including name, address, gender, date of birth, & place of birth. 

Looking to jazz up your pre-flight security schedule, then look no further, because we have found a bunch of fun & functional passport covers which can suit any type of traveler (while we know some of you discuss the necessity of a cover at all, we still think they are a  nice touch). Alas, no journey planned? No problem. Check out of Interest boards for inspiration on Mediterranean getaways, foodie destinations, European vacations & other awesome trips that are just calling your name. 

Passport CoverThat is a beautiful & strong typographic passport cover that makes border control officers smile. Fits normal passport 90x125 mm. Made of broad double layered record with high quality printed cardboard insert. Separate sections for the inlay & the passport. Has broad back part to protect your passport & short front one to put your passport in or out easily. Passport covers for kids. Do you need them? I went back & forth on the subject and opted against them for the first few trips & very quickly regretted it. Passports can simply get lost in deep purses or slip out of your hand in a nanosecond. I have had a few close calls juggling all 5 of ours & decided that passport covers were in the best interest of the passport & my sanity. 

There is abundance of different passport covers available for adults, but what about the kids? I bought similar covers for the children & after dozens of trips they still look like the day I bought them.
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