Future of E-commerce in Bangladesh

E-commerce is new opportunities for remote get and sale, net looking, distance commerce corporations, banks and every one those inquisitive about the subject of electronic cash. Corporations distance trade, securing its position on the Asian nation market began to admit the new options work. one in every of them, they see the electronic cash as a style of payment for product.

To date, Asian nation has registered regarding fifteen million net users. however this figure is way from the amount of these UN agency truly use the web as a method of payment. In its report noted many reasons of e-commerce:

One. Low confidence within the e-commerce in general;
Two. Poor development of the culture of e-commerce;
Three. Obstacles on the a part of banks, issuers of plastic cards;
Four. Misunderstanding and temperament to grasp what the "electronic money";
Five. No developed system of client protection and confidence regarding e-commerce.

Bangladesh tend to own a lot of trust within the incontrovertible fact that you'll be able to hold in your hands. we have a tendency to should feel ordering a product, we wish to examine what we have a tendency to area unit paying for one thing we've got to feel however we have a tendency to pay the cash. Therefore, the intangible electronic cash is perceived by the typical. all the same, the market of electronic cash grows and develops and if the western individuals doesn't suppose their life while not a mastercard and on-line case that they're simply starting to get wont to these styles of payment. AN increasing awareness among customers, the corporate catalog and e-commerce will suppose augmented demand for payment of electronic cash. this could be a decent resolution each for corporations and customers.

The first and main advantage - instant payment. the patron doesn't ought to go elsewhere, to square in line and fill during a heap of documents. the corporate will contour its accounting and removed from work with money. additionally, the employment of the web exchange is on the market in several countries round the world and it will take, no matter location. except for the active introduction of electronic cash into the lifestyle of a Asian nation, you ought to perceive matters on the e-commerce.

E-commerce company offers many schemes for creating payments. the best and most cheap payment address on the location. during this theme, the consumer doesn't enter into a contract, he has no would like for special connections. apparently, for security payments control by the corporate solely works through banks and terminal systems. Basically, with the services of this company operates a youth audience of advanced net users.

Introducing the projected style of the information of the cardboard, the patron isn't certain that it'll map all the cash. Therefore, individuals area unit victimisation their bank cards to pay money for on-line payments sometimes. Enjoys within the on-line stores of flowers and gifts. If you bring up a lot of serious and expensive purchases, customers favor to create their stores.

On the one hand - e-commerce stores sign AN agreement that the worth for the calculation of money and card shouldn't differ, however the sharp within the second case continues to be being written off. So, on-line looking isn't profitable to use electronic cash, however on the opposite hand, refusing to money they get freed from the burden of the accounting issues.

Of course, the probabilities of e-commerce that open up to the Asian nation customers through the employment of electronic cash, great: you'll be able to pay via net virtually everything! but, developing the domestic market of on-line payment isn't notably quick. maybe owing to shortages of corporations that offer services, probably owing to low client awareness regarding e-commerce.

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Swapna Routh said...

Now a day’s use of technology in each and every sector has been very common. In thisera of globalization we can hardly find any sector operating without using technology. Sothere is no doubt and it is quite natural that business world will also use technologyeffectively as well as efficiently and take the greatest advantage which is offered bytechnology. Internet is one of the largest blessings of technology, which enables people from the distant parts or county to interact or communicate easily. It has made the whole globe a single village. A new horizon has been opened up for trade and commerce, namely electronic commerce (e-commerce) by none other than one and only internet. E-commerce entails the use of the Internet In the marketing, identification, payment and delivery of goods and services all are done by e-commerce using internet.