Olympic Battle - USA vs. China

After nine eventful days from the beginning of London Olympic 2012, now the eyes from most of the countries and people all over the world is on the largest attraction of Olympic games that is none other than fighting for the top positions in the medal tally. And the excitement from this cold war contest within the original contest is lighting up the entire sport events and thus raises the games competitiveness among other competitors significantly. Now we are enjoying a cold Olympic battle, chiefly between United States and China as a fighting for the top spots while other participants are fighting with their regional challenger for the better standing in the tournament’s medal table.
As far if we remember some earlier Olympic events, the battle for top spots was used to take place between Soviet Union and United States and Soviets themselves had shown as the real rivalry for most USA counterparts. Though the disintegration of Soviet was crucial and it helped indirectly the United States to dominate the Olympic for a period of times later on. But it was Beijing Olympic 2008 when China showed their supremacy over the American domination and ended up with standing at the top spots of the medal tally. At that time some critics kept claiming that it was advantage of home grounds for China which helped them without any surprise to reach the top spot. 

So the London Olympic 2012 has started as a set up for seeing a close battle to show the real supremacy from either United States or China. And now, after nine days (first part of the day) of the events, what we are seeing? Now the United States and China are at a level at the medal table with having fifty five medals for each and thus have showed the full supremacy here at London. This is because both the countries have their own icon players. If United States shows their trump card Michael Phelps, Tyler Clary or Ryan Lochte then China showed up with Sun Yang or Ye Shiwen for a slight demonstration. If USA start dominating in the swimming pool, one the other hand China knows that they have rock stars for table tennis board.   
With keeping all the respects to each of this two country, now the question is circled everywhere that is who will be the ultimate top medal winner at the end of this Olympic drama? It’s obvious that still there are lot more fun left on stage of London 2012 Olympic. So let’s wait and see because time will surely say the answer!
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