Ways to spice up your sexual relationship

You may think that enjoying sexual desires with the same partner again and again or long term sexual relationship for years is the reason that diminishes your excitement now. Well, this is completely not true because there were ways to spice up your sex life that you could follow to continue your excitement just like your old days. Actually you can show limitless creativity of your own to give a boost to your sexual relationship. Here let’s check out some easy and funny ways to spice your sex life up again.
Kids are away then you and your partner both have confirmed that there is no one else at home.  Yes it’s the time; start making love each other. Just need to keep in your mind that it can be anywhere except your bedroom. Make sure you will enjoy the thrill like both of you are sharing your sexual desire at a different place.
Give a surprise hug from behind or a kiss as a sexual stimulation to your partner any time without expecting anything but only to make a different start from usual days. The best time to go for this is when you see your partner is passing some busy time alone with anything not that important at home.
Pretend and start conversations gently with your partner like you have just met him or her, for example, an hour ago. Well, your partner will get you soon in no times that you are not behaving anything abnormal but just trying to create some variations before your sexual act. So enjoy yourself with the new trick that you have just learned!
Perhaps your wife is habituated in every steps of your sexual act after all these years of conjugal life which make her feel bored now a little. Well, you can do the just opposite thing whenever you make yourself ready for the next sexual move. Doing such will make you unpredictable to your partner again and surely you will feel the difference within next few days.
Hopefully you have got it right that it is all about using your creativity or other borrowed ways to add some deviations in order to have new flavors in your sexual relationship. Since the life and desires are all yours, so let your desire flow in its own way. Imagine, create then apply new techniques each day of your sex life to spice up your sexual relationship and continue enjoying your conjugal life forever.
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