How to prevent skin cancer from sunlight

The controlled sun exposure and use appropriate sunscreen are key to avoid cancer. Here discuss some tips which will help to prevent skin cancer from sunlight.

How to prevent skin cancer from sun exposure Skin cancer is one of the more serious diseases unknown. Dermatology experts advise taking awareness of the risks caused by the sun and tanning booths. Make proper use of sunscreen and avoid direct contact with the sun between 11.30 and 16.30 hours are key when preventing skin cancer.

Sun protection of child is the most important
In sun exposure, children are the most vulnerable. Dermatologist experts recommend not exposing infants to sunlight until at least six months old.

In adolescence, the risk is serious
The risk of skin cancer in teen age is almost as high as do to a child age. In this case, one can use a common chemical sunscreen protection factor appropriate depending on the skin color.

Avoid sun exposure in the noon
In all cases, you should avoid direct contact with the sun between 11.30 and 16.30. In this time in travel the UVA rays are more dangerous and the chances of getting skin cancer are higher.

Walking, walking, playing sports outdoors during these hours is also unsafe. In summer time, try to perform these activities before or after this time interval. Exposure to sunlight can be dangerous for your skin.

Apply a sunscreen every hour and a half
If you'll take the sun, do not forget the sunscreen reset every hour and a half, especially if you go for a swim at the beach or pool. Dermatologist recommended applying sunscreen every time you leave the water.

In the sun gradually
If you want to tan, do it carefully. To keep away from getting skin cancer, sun prevents unexpectedly. Do it step by step. Expose yourself to the sun gradually and head. If you affected or burned once by sun then there is always risk of developing this disease.

Do not abuse the sun booths
To prevent skin cancer is essential to prevent abuse of the booths. In some cases, these cabins are used for medical purposes to treat cases of vitiligo, dermatitis and other diseases atopic.

Look skin spots and went to the dermatologist
It is very important to observe the spots from your skin. The change of skin spots in color, size or shape of your moles, redness or freckles may indicate the onset of skin cancer. 

Skin cancer is as hazardous as any other
Although often downplayed, skin cancer is as hazardous as any other type of cancer. In tremendously serious cases can be deadly.

The Basal cell carcinoma most common malignant tumor of the skin and causes 60% of skin cancers are detected. It’s detected by the appearance of very different type bumps, wounds, persistent redness etc. In all these cases it is suitable to consult a specialist.

Melanoma, on the other hand, is the most dangerous skin tumor and causes most deaths from skin cancer. Usually detect by the appearance of dark spots or color change in the existing ones. But those symptoms may also appear differently to others.

Genetic causes are difficult to control
Skin cancer can occur by direct contact with the sun light, but can also occur as a result of convinced genetic. In this case, the disease is difficult to prevent. Dermatologists experts recommend act responsibly in sun exposure from infant age and see a dermatologist if it detects the occurrence or area of moles, freckles or spots on the skin.

Best remedy is prevention of anything from the upcoming threats, so we should prevent the skin cancer easily to following the tips in your summer time.
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