Google Glasses – Virtual & Augmented Reality Glasses

Google Eyeglasses
As indicated by many reports, Google is expected to begin selling Google Eyeglasses that will project information, entertainment &, this being a Google product, ads onto the lenses. These glasses will have the combined features of reality augmented and virtual reality.

The Google Glasses can utilize a 4G cell connection to pull in information from Google’s mountain of data & display information about the real world in amplified reality on the lens facing your eye. As you turn your head you will get information about your surroundings & nearby objects from Google Eyeglasses, info on buildings & establishments from Google Maps, even your friends’ close by check-ins from Latitude. The company has no plans to sell advertisements into your newly augmented sight of the world, however will consider it if the product actually catches on.

The Google glasses are not being designed to be worn continually, although Google engineers expect some users will wear them a lot, however will be more similar to smartphones, used when needed, with the lenses serving like a kind of transparent computer monitor.

Google Glasses
Google glasses are basically wearable computers, which will use the identical Android software that powers Android tablets and smartphones. Like smartphones & tablets, the glasses will be equipped with motion sensors and GPS. They’ll also contain a camera & audio outputs and inputs.

A number of people who have seen the Google glasses, however who are not allowed to speak publicly about them, told that the location information was a main feature of the glasses. During the built-in camera on the glasses, Google will be capable to stream images to its rack computers & return amplified reality information to the person wearisome them. For example, a person looking at a familiar sight could see detailed historical information & comments about it left by friends. If facial recognition software becomes precise enough, the glasses could remind a wearer of how and when he met the vaguely familiar person standing facing him at a party. They might also be used for virtual actuality games that use the genuine world as the playground. The anticipation is that we will get a really cool demonstration of Google eyeglasses technology at Google I/O in June, 2013.
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