Women’s thinking about Engineering

Engineering for female
I think that it’s a very ordinary mistake to think that engineering is “for mail only”. I have a friend who had nine girls in her group in university & all of them, consider it or not, were doing better than the guys.
One might say that being an engineer is tough work – factually, in a physical sense – which is true to some extent, however there are so many engineering applications where physical force doesn’t matter. You could be a research engineer, a design engineer, an electronics or electrical engineer etc, the list is boundless.

If you are interested in engineering, good at science & want a job that isn’t just sitting at your PC all day or doing some official procedure, if you aren’t afraid to use your hands in addition to your head in your job, then go for it & being a girl should not discontinue you. I know many victorious women-engineers, who have great careers & are very pleased with their jobs.

For my friend, she had no problems going through her university course or getting a job, so she really don’t think that being a girl makes it tougher to become an engineer. The only reason we see more guys than ladies in engineering is this very set of mind, that engineering is “not for women” and she think this isn’t doing engineering any good, as we miss out on some very brilliant girls who could become engineers however chose a dissimilar path because they are afraid it is too hard for a girl to become an engineer.
Engineering for ladies
She become an engineer by chance, it wasn't her first choice when she decided what to study at the university & she is very grateful to that chance, because formerly she got really involved she realized how amazing and interesting engineering is.  You get also to appreciate how any thing around you works, even more you get to actually invent & create those things. If you look just about you – everything you see is shaped through an engineer, with no work that engineers do no other occupation would exist, & then she think being involved in something like that is the most appealing thing you can do in your life, so if you decide to go for it she think you will never regret it.

Whereas it is true that there are more male than female in engineering, this does not always mean that it is more hard for women to be successful. As with any occupation, the most vital thing is to do your job successfully and you will gain admiration for doing engineering.

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