San Alfonso Del Mar resort: Your Holiday destination

San Alfonso Del Mar resort
Do you want to beat the heat this summer by installing your own swimming pool? We would give you a taste of what you certainly can't have when designing your dream backyard pool. Firstly, there's the world's largest pool with an area equivalent to 6,000 standard-size 26 ft long domestic pools located at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile.

The pool at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile is absolutely enormous. It is so massive that the Guinness World Records Ltd has officially named it the world’s largest seawater swimming pool. It is 1013 meters with a colossal area of 19.77 acres & contains over 66,000,000 gallons of water. That’s an area equivalent to an amazing 6,000 standard-size 8-meter long domestic pools!

The lagoon at the San Alfonso Del Mar resort has clear blue water pools which are transparent to a depth of up to35 meters & in summer the temperature of the water is a mild 260C, that’s 90C warmer than the sea water. The lagoon also protects holiday makers from the rough waves & notorious currents along the coast.
In order to fill this unbelievable lagoon, the Crystal Lagoons Corporation developed pioneering technology to harvest, filter & permanently re-circulate sea water. The computer-controlled suction & filtration system keeps the water in permanent rotation. It grabs in the ocean water, circulates it through the system & then pumps it out the other end.

San Alfonso Del Mar resort took over 5 years to build & cost nearly 1.9 billion USD. It carries an annual maintenance bill of nearly 4 million USD. If you are a lucky guest you could imagine you are on a desert island with private white-sand beaches & palm trees, an indoor warm water beach, heated sand, waterfalls & water jet massages.

While you are stay indoors, how about the world’s deepest recreational diving pool? The pool was designed by a Belgian diving expert, John Beernaerts & is used for recreation, scuba diving practice & by film-makers. San Alfonso Del Mar resort could really be your perfect holiday destination.
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