Sexual fantasy, what's wrong?

Sexual fantasySexual fantasy is no longer prohibited and now knows favors psychological balance, desire and pleasure to enjoy a good sex life.

What is Sexual Fantasy?
A sexual fantasy can be defined as the mental representation of conscious or unconscious desires. The ideas, images or feelings generated in the mind produce sexual arousal. However, not only are sexual fantasies may also be related to the desire and pleasure.

All people of all ages have some sexual fantasy consciously or unconsciously. Contrary to popular belief, women have sexual fantasies like men; fantasize about the same level but in a different way and not talk about them so easily.

What does have some kind of sexual fantasy?
According to Freud, sexual fantasy is rooted in a desire repressed unconscious and constructed in childhood and adolescence.

Having fantasies reflects dissatisfaction in sexual relationships, but rather to escape the constraints of real life and social pressure by way of evasion.

Having a sexual fantasy does not mean you necessarily have to be implemented. In most cases, they go against their own beliefs and values, but as only sexual fantasies are accepted compromise imaginations. Paradoxically sexual fantasy brought to reality can be a bad experience, because it loses much of the magic he had in mind.

Sexual fantasies can freely share with a partner or considering doing so loses its exclusivity and that fantasies are a powerful antidote to transform reality. Desire is the prelude to a real situation. It is very easy to confuse sexual fantasies with sexual desire, as both terms are in the same mental context, sexuality.

But while fantasy refers to an imaginary situation, fictitious, desire is the prelude to a real situation. Although in some cases, the desire to have originated in a sexual fantasy, are not exactly the same and, if so may be indicative of a sexual deviation.

Types of sexual fantasies
Sexual fantasy is primarily an aphrodisiac effect. Sexologists and psychiatrists fantasies classified into two types: the so-called creative that aim to arouse desire and enhance sexual intercourse, and fantasies that allow uninhibited and fully express sexuality.

Other classifications include four subcategories sexual fantasies: the fetishists, the intimate, explorers and sadomasochistic.

Sexual fantasies have evolved greatly over the years. Sexology experts say that, in general, nowadays care more about quantity than quality, dominated by bold, new. That is, everyone fantasizes about what has not.

Sexual fantasy and health
Sexual fantasies are normal, exciting and completely natural. It is a good sign of mental health. Sexology specialists recommend that stable couples realize their sexual fantasies in order to revive your sex life.

Sexual fantasy varies with age protagonists, types and intensity. Finding that the reality is very different only remains to reconcile real life with the imagined and those elements that induce pleasure. 
It is considered that sexual fantasies when they start to perform and affect the person's life or when they are the only way to achieve orgasm are pathological and enter the field of paraphilias.

On the other hand, the lack of sexual fantasies can indicate a condition known as hypoactive sexual desire or DSH or a symptom of low self esteem and stress that affect the sexual life of the individual.
The fantasy sex
According to Osho says man is a sexual being. Sex is intrinsic to the body, effortlessly transcends, born as sexual beings and if repression is an effort will, because it goes against nature itself.

Sex is the instrument through which life exists. Understand your life, to love, to know that sex is sacred. Then sex is lived, enjoyed and disappears spontaneously with the same ease with which it appeared in your sexual life.
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