Divorce – May Cause Psychological disaster for Man


Many of the effects of divorce on men can be disturbing yet a few are contradictory & may even prove to be beneficial. A lot of depends on how the divorce is handled, for instance, a Swedish researchers studying 'the effects of divorce on men found that men's physical condition improved after divorce this may be due to the fact that as men begin dating again they are more  concerned with external appearances and want to look as attractive as they can in their efforts to find a new mate or it may be a "make over" in an attempt to win back their estranged wife having "let themselves go" during the marriage. The gym may become a popular place and can also affect an immediate ego boost. 

Divorce – May Cause Psychological disaster for ManOne challenging effect of divorce on men is for men to be are less prepared domestically apart from all the other potential effects, such as cooking, ironing, washing, men will skip meals or eat them on the run, eat far less fruit and vegetables in favor of readily available and easy obtained junk food. Often a man's emotional state can hamper with his employment and wage earning ability. Some men also become separated from their children particularly if their former wife has a new partner and a man can be become alienated form his children as he will often be considered an "outsider" or part time parent in these changed circumstances.  

Divorce (unwanted or otherwise) can have implications for a man's health, is divorce alarming in your life? Have you & your partner recently separated or are about to? Is it that you are having trouble handling it and adjusting? Maybe the emotional emotional financial physical effects have been greater than you first anticipated (one of the effects of divorce, not needed or otherwise is stress even though you may not notice it much, in much the same way a settlement is stressful. In the form of separation anxiety can lead to dangerous increases in blood pressure (particularly if combined with a lax diet, and risky drinking and smoking habits) as well as unbridled anger which can be the catalyst for   
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