Ladies Denim Jean Styles

It’s highly likely that everyone in the world has a couple of denim jeans in their wardrobe, they are maybe the worlds most iconic item of clothing  made famous by Hollywood star James Dean when he starred in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ 1955. They’re practical: Warm in the winter & seriously stylish in the summer- we love the feel of denim when it’s worn. As well as this they are so versatile when it comes to fashion. Smart jeans can be seen at work as also being dressed up for a girl’s night out- you simply cannot go wrong with denim. But finding the right couple of jeans really has a lot to do with the cut. Also the body shape is an important thing to take into consideration. Among so many different types around, choosing can be a scary task.  

Ladies Denim Jean StylesLadies Denim JeanDenim JeanNot quite skinny jeans yet not walking boot cut, the straight leg of this design is maybe the most classic cut of them all. Suitable for both men & women, team your straight leg jeans with any detailed top, it is just at home with a plain t-shirt if you really want to go ‘classic’. Also known as ‘drainpipes’, but remember that they are not presently for the thinner frames! In fact skinny legged denims can look just as satisfying on the curvier shapes too, emphasizing the shapely thighs & calves. But if this is the case one must be careful when it comes to waist measurements & legs our tip is to always look for the right waist size first, as the rest of the pair off of jeans should measure up. 

Jean StylesBoot cut is the quintessential jeans cut for all curvy girls. Figure hugging around the waist & hips, it narrows the thighs while kicking out at the calves. Ultra figure suitable when you wear it, the Boot cut jean is a must for those looking for a ‘girly’ denim look. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, the high-waist jean can look very suitable when worn. An immense way for the shorter girls gives the illusion of being taller. High-waist also adds a slimming effect too, if you desire long narrow looking thighs. But be careful the high-waist jeans will not always be the most comfortable.    
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