Jealousy - an open relationship

Jealousy - an open relationship
Being in the non-traditional type of relationship is jealousy. It was either that or leave a 10 (now almost 12) year relationship behind. Relationships, whichever type you choose, are hard work & killing the green-eyed monster is probably the most difficult part. You see, jealousy isn’t an emotion, it does not exist. If you say you are jealous what you’re actually saying is that you’re insecure.

By giving it a different name people do not work on the crux of the issue. They miniskirt about it & think feeling jealous is normal. When you are in a polyandrous relationship you will battle with jealousy. If you add a low self-esteem to that insecurity you can count on heated fights and spending nights crying yourself to sleep – feeling deserted & replaced.

Sounds horrible, I know, but when you choose this type of relationship the emotions you would feel in a monogamous one are amplified but luckily you’re prepared for it. People who choose to be polyandrous know what to expect and they know it will take work, work which monogamous couples can benefit from but hardly ever do. When you’re in a traditional relationship it seems the general feeling is that jealousy is okay, sometimes it is even labeled as cute. 

Do not you think a relationship with tiny or no jealousy would be joyful, stress-free, relaxing, pure bliss?  It is likely but people approach jealousy wrongly. They think stopping the behavior that made them jealous is good enough. It is not. Placing limitations on your partner, changing his or her behavior to sooth your insecurities will lead to anger. Firstly you focus on your self and try to find out why you feel jealous.  Be honest with your self & soon you will see that you felt jealous because you think the woman has nicer hair, breasts and legs or take your pick than you do.

See each moment of feeling jealous as an opportunity to dig deep and discovery your insecurities. You should find out what hides behind your jealousy & work on it. Relationships can not survive let alone thrive when one partner is engird by jealousy. Insecurity is not sexy. If you can work on your insecurities and on your self-esteem issues it will take a lot to make you jealous and if it does happen you will be able to talk yourself out of it. You will know you are the best thing since sliced bread and if someone else can’t see it boo-hoo for them – their loss.
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