iGenius Word Puzzles - Crossword Puzzles on the iPhone and IBP

In the age of popularity of electronic entertainment of crossword puzzles. When the answer to any question is to Google, interest in the process inevitably falls. Developer’s iGenius Word Puzzles is not scared crosswords simulator for the iPhone, offering to test themselves on the knowledge of words, events, phenomena and test your vocabulary.

IGenius replaces prints with crossword puzzles no longer need to go somewhere and spend money on future recycling. The essence of the crossword explains pointless, because each of us once solved them or in at least tried to. Differences from that formula here are a bit just run, choose the size of the field (13x13, 19x19, and 25x25) and begin to take place. Large field is not easy to solve, not only because they are big but also because of the fact that on the iPhone, they do not fit. The benefit here is the traditional "zoom" with your fingers and a version for the iPad.

In the crossword question each numbered cell is given at the bottom of the screen. The cells are selected at the field, highlighting and pointing to a gray cell, which will start entering letters. There is a simple browser of cells that makes it easy to find a question with a known answer for them. The more decisive, the easier it is for others to guess the word. Crossword puzzle in question is marked in a single cell with an arrow pointing to the initial words of the cells. There is also a question and picture in short, everything as it should be. By the way, all the puzzles were made specifically for this application.

You can find out the answers, without the help of Google. The game has built-in help system, of which 50 are available initially and an additional 100 are acquired for the money. The latest version to put it mildly is not profitable. It is not clear why it was impossible to make all responses available initially, but simply to limit access to them. In the end, crossword puzzles themselves come at a price.

The interface application is average, but quite decent with a choice of additional themes. Liked own keyboard, devoid of the "extra" space and extra buttons. But the bugs and quite serious: for example, the program refused to accept the correct answer, correcting it for exactly the same. The cells will be chosen for some strange scheme and often missed and re-letter or two in the other line or column.

IGenius Word puzzles free. The application is initially available on 3 crossword puzzles and the rest are bought by 33 rubles per package.
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