Fall in Love Why and How?

Love is beyond reason. Love is not measured in words. Love cannot be partial, cannot have owners. Love is in and of itself, without definitions without concepts. 

We lost days, years, centuries looking for the keys to unlock our own locks; we closed the doors to our happiness. And we realize that all we have to do is open our hearts to love. 

"I love you now what?" 

No other human activity begins with hopes and expectations as strong a relationship, although one has failed or encountered obstacles in the past and other relationships. When starting a new relationship, the excitement of gambling on love is renewed. And unlike almost all activities of life, falling in love is not something we can plan ahead. It just happens. 

It also happens sometimes without realizing it, we may discover ourselves involved in a relationship, and we ask ourselves, when & how we fall in love? Moreover one that happens to us is slipping from the heart or mouths the following words: "I love you" and then in our minds hang about some questions, what to do now, what is the future?

As long as we encourage admitting, somehow all human beings go through that instance at some point in our lives. It is this wonderful aspect of love and relationships that cannot be controlled as activities that develop normally. So many questions arise after one says: "I love you". 

Love is the way to live with fullness and perfection. This is the first step to understand and realize that means we need to enable us to learn. A relationship is always a fresh experience, even with us. You need to dig and know that every day we have to establish a starting again, and sometimes it is best just starting from scratch. 

The relationship is a continuous exchange of feelings, ideas, opinions, desires, beliefs, actions, reactions, vibrations, thoughts, and goals between two people. The basis of happiness is that the exchange is balanced and positive. Through it you can rediscover and share the love of trust, understanding, kindness, unity and acceptance.

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