Before purchase private health insurance

private health insuranceThere are approximately 3.26 million people currently with their own health insurance cover in the UK but with free NHS (National Health Service) cover available to all; there are a lot of factors to consider before you decide to purchase.

Health insurance is designed to ensure that if you need medical treatment in future, you will not need to worry about NHS waiting lists or paying for the cost of the treatment. It is designed to get you diagnosed & treated quickly, & will offer you a quick referral to a consultant & admission to a private hospital at a time & place that is convenient for you. Once you are covered you have a choice of private hospital from an agreed list provided by your insurance provider, most hospitals offer a private en-suite room, TV & a choice of food.

Why do you purchase private health insurance?

If you are unwell & you are referred to a health specialist by your GP, you will be able to arrange a specialist appointment within a few days. If you do need any further tests or an operation, you can arrange this at a time & hospital convenient to you. Most private hospitals have access to up to date technology & will offer patients a private en-suite room, TV & a choice of food from a menu. So, to avail these benefits, the answer is to purchase a private health insurance.

How do I apply?

When considering Private health Insurance, there are typically two types of cover. The first is cover with moratorium underwriting. This time, the insurer will not cover you initially for any conditions that have affected you in the past few years. The second is cover with full medical underwriting. Here, you are required to give details of your medical history as part of the application process.

How could you choose the best private health insurance?

There is a wide range of private insurance cover available. Some people decide to choose for comprehensive cover, whereas many others choose just to cover themselves in one or two main areas. Your choice depends on a number of factors including your budget. Always remember to speak to a potential insurer about any health queries which might impact your cover or anyone in your family that you are covering on your policy.
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