Scalpels vs. Needles, Body paint or a Canvas for Art

Warning: this post will contain mention of self-injury of body paint.

I recently discovered this text on scarification. Scarification may be a method that involves employing a surgical knife to carve patterns into flesh. this could appear ugly to some, however some UN agency ar drawn to it ar craving for some way to disguise recent wounds. One {person UN agency|one that|one who} had scarification had been a youth who had engaged in self-injury and aforementioned that scarification was a sort of reclamation.

What is the aim of disguising scars with a lot of scars? the concept of golf shot a lot of scars on high of preceding scars being reclamation is problematical to Pine Tree State. I can’t facilitate however assume that scarification might build self-injury worse, or, at least, build folks believe that inserting scars on their body may be a healthy cope mechanism.

What if somebody got a tattoo to hide their scars, though?

While scarification carries stigma, the cultural standing of tattooing has evolved from AN anti-social activity to a fashion statement. Tattooing involves inserting needles into the body rather than scalpels. Since each processes involve piercing the body, one might surprise that one is worse – or if {they ar|they're} each processes that are equal in magnitude (i.e. in terms of harmlessness, morals, quality of the body, etc.). To me, tattooing is healthier than scarification, as in my read, regardless of the strategy, manufacturing a scar as against manufacturing a picture that doesn't jibe a scar (given that one isn't making an attempt to tattoo what appears like a scar onto the body) encourages self-harm. However, i'm aware that I can’t represent everybody.

On a unique note, whereas brooding about the method of scarification, I puzzled regarding the body as a  work of art, or a minimum of a canvas upon that practices like scarification, that is completed within the name of art could also be disbursed. Another observe is tattoo art, and one could also be able to understand cosmetic surgery as a procedure that creates the body a piece of art or creates art upon it because it sculpts components of the body. However, a lot of refined types of art/processes that build the body art may be merely applying makeup or hairdressing one’s hair. These processes, though they will be viewed as mundane components of lifestyle, all involve “fixing” or “adjusting” the body to make a precise visual image for the viewer (whether that viewer could also be oneself trying within the mirror or others). That, to me, is art.

I stay on the fence regarding scarification. However, i think the observe will give birth to some attention-grabbing discourse on what makes a body observe acceptable or not, and on the body paint or a canvas for art.
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