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Recently I had the abundant amusement of audition one of my admired bands, Groovelily, accomplish their aboriginal agreeable amphitheater allotment Striking 12 in New York City. Before the show, as the bandage was abating up, the advance singer/violinist Valerie told us a able story. Valerie had afresh performed with her ancestor at an accident to bless his lifetime addition as a cantor. After the performance, an earlier woman came up to Valerie and told her about how she had played violin as a adolescent in Germany and how abundant arena the violin had meant to her. She went on to explain that back her ancestors fled the country during the Nazi regime, she was not accustomed to accompany her admired violin with her to America because her ancestors feared it would mark them as Jews. So, she grew up, got married, and aloft a family. While she encouraged her son to comedy the violin (and he grew up to be a musician), she never advantaged or rekindled her affection to comedy the violin again. Back the woman accomplished cogent her story, she captivated Valerie's easily tightly, looked her in the eyes, and absolutely said, "Keep on playing."

Every time I apprehend this adventure I am acutely confused (yes, I adulation the bandage and accept heard this adequately contempo adventure assorted times already). I am confused because of my own ups and downs as an abecedarian artist who can anticipate of a actor excuses why I'm not acceptable abundant to be arena or how I shouldn't be "wasting" time back there are so abounding added added important things to do. I am additionally confused because I am afflicted with the arduous bulk of creation, beauty, joy, and affection that is missing in this apple anniversary day because so abounding bodies accept alone their passions and joy for the abundant added "important" and "serious" business of life.

Take a moment appropriate now and consider:

- What activities did you adulation to booty allotment in as a child, teenager, or adolescent adult? Do you still partake in any of these or accompanying activities?

- What did you dream about best absent to be back you grew up?

- What are you accomplishing back you feel the best joyful, passionate, or in the flow? Back was the aftermost time you spent time accomplishing this?
If you're like best bodies I know, you're apparently bedlam because it has been so continued back you've done any of these things that you don't alike bethink or you're blubbering a cardinal of excuses as to why you can't be accomplishing these things. Some of those excuses ability complete like:

- I don't accept time

- There are added important things to do

- It's absurd to do now that I accept a wife/husband/mate, career, kids, house, etc.

- There's no way I can anytime accept what I dreamed about, it was alone a fantasy. After all, I'm average aged, overweight, and out of appearance and absolutely not activity to become an NBA, NFL, WNBA, Broadway star, or bedrock artist in this lifetime, so why bother at all.

Well, what if you could accept and do what you best enjoy? What if you could get in blow with the aspect of what you absolutely capital and afresh go and do THAT? For instance, conceivably what absolutely appealed to you about acceptable a bedrock artist was authoritative music and administration it with others. You could accomplish that dream at any age. Pick up an old apparatus you acclimated to comedy and activate to booty acquaint again. Learn article new. Volunteer to allotment your music with kids, the elderly, or a abbey group. Another archetype could be that you admired the spirit of antagonism and concrete claiming inherent in the dream of arena able sports. Well, you can accept that too! While you ability not be the abutting Lance Armstrong or Serena Williams, there are abounding means to get physically fit and be aggressive in sports at any age. I've apparent athletes in the Masters analysis of altered sports comedy with added affection and aggressive spirit in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, than abounding adolescent able athletes exhibit. I alone apperceive bodies with ambitious careers and families who consistently attempt in triathlons and cycle, run, or airing untold numbers of afar anniversary year for charity. If they can do it, so can you.
My point is - you deserve to accept joy, passion, and comedy in your life. Yes, activity can be austere at times and we all accept responsibilities, but you owe it to yourself to absolutely alive a little and accord yourself the allowance of article aloof for you. You'd be afraid at how aloof a little bit of time spent consistently on article that feeds your body will crop after-effects ten times over in the added "more serious" genitalia of your life.

This month, go in look of your continued absent violin. Dust off your guitar, tennis racket, paintbrushes, or writer's pad. Accord yourself permission to bake the passion, acquisition the joy, and PLAY.

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The article is very deep...I agree with you and I am moved because I know that many people have abandoned their passions and joy for the much more important and serious business of life.We forget to be happy and to love simple things :)

Prakash Subedi said...

the one interesting part of life is that if we don't have a serious life than we can enjoy with us or with other in our life. so i agree with this

Speechless thinker said...

Sometimes continuous seriousness make our life boring and lifeless.But when we have interest in our work,we can live a happy life.

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Chen Eric said...

One who takes life too seriously often only see situations from an single aspect/perspective, and fail to realize that sometimes joy, beauty and affection are sometimes the most "serious" and "important" business one may ever have.

Anonymous said...

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