Love and Marriage

Love and MarriageA widespread notion about these two terms, love and marriage, holding as significant an approach that could well occur almost interchangeably, as twinned elements that go in the same direction, since, in addition, both seem to sprout or appear from the same motivations to fill identical human needs.

But as on countless occasions many popular beliefs are only maintained through to note the presence of a myth, whether we are dealing with a superstition or with a cry of many citizens.

Marriage is a social institution, and has nothing in common with love, nothing but antagonism in which both can be immersed. This does not eliminate the possibility, of course, there are couples who have agreed to this union impregnated the essence of love. But the justification for the holding of the convention responds to a kind of tax that is paid to close social circle surrounding formalizes those accessing the meeting. Therefore, without denying that some marriages are based on love, and that it can also endure while they married, we must clarify that the same can happen without that we submit to the practice of the social contract or covenant.

On the other hand, does not seem to sustain the hypothesis that love may be the fruit of marriage. It is a strange fact that the process of falling in love occurs once the couple is married. Rather, what is produced is but a kind of adjustment to a new phase that gradually undermines spontaneity that characterizes him loving feeling.

Marriage is a financial arrangement in which clauses show a "life insurance" which also last until the death of one of the two parties.

Love is linked to the process of social change. Why fall in love and marry people? The answer seems obvious at first glance. It seems only natural that a couple who want to make a home falls, and seek their personal and sexual in their relationship. However, this view, which seems to be self-evident, is actually quite rare. The idea of ​​romantic love did not spread in the West until quite recently and never existed in most other cultures. Only in modern times, love, marriage, and sexuality are considered intimately linked.

In the Middle Ages, and for centuries thereafter, people married to perpetuate the possession of a title or property in the hands of the family, or to have children to work on the family farm. There were sex outside of marriage, but these did not interfere too the feelings that we associate with love, as we understand it today.

Marriage may have the power to lead the horse to the water source, but could never make it drink.
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Javeria Khan said...

Marriage, is a strict sense is not related to love but we come to see many marriages in our society which are based on love. In some cases, people fall in love after they tie the knot! A true essence of love is very important in a successful married life. Feelings that are connected with love are completely different and unique, nothing in this whole world could compete those feelings.