Face & body paints with amazing colors

Face & body paintsAt camouflages we carry professional cosmetic quality paints intended for use of the face & body. Please avoid using craft paints or markers not specifically designed for use on the skin, they do not last & could cause serious harm for those with sensitive skin. With all the amazing products & colors on the market you can find what you need at the prices you can afford.

I usually recommend color for use on small children who will only need to wear the paint for a little time. Many people use it for painting their faces at sporting events as well. It comes out dries and creamy to an opaque color on the skin. Durability wise it lacks the staying power of many of the other water based products. 

body paints colorsDisguise Sticks from Graftobian is a water activated paint that comes on a wooden stick. It has a soap base which helps with clean up. The majority of people use a moist brush or sponge to lift the paint off & apply. If you aren’t as concerned about detail you can also just dip the stick in water & paint straight on the skin. Before storage let the sticks are dry upright completely then store in zip lock baggies. These are very affordable & work great for professionals and beginners.

Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Paints are water based paint that comes in a variety of colors. The paint is very long lasting & holds up well for stage make up. It is a good product for those who want to generate characters. Because of it being a talc based formula I find that a couple coats are generally needed for opaque coverage. Dabbing with a damp sponge rather than streaking seems to work best for me. If you want soft subtle color & translucent coverage this is a big choice. Though these colors are long lasting it always helps to seal Magicakes with Final Seal, Ben Nye’s matte fixer or sealer for all make up types.

Mehron’s Liquid face & Body Paint comes premixed like a nice opaque liquid that can also be used with a brush or sponge. This is an affordable choice for professional or beginning air brushes artists, though it should be thinned slightly to flow properly. Most artists find five parts paint to one part Mixing Liquid helps the paint become more durable but still allows for excellent coverage.

body paintsKryolan Aquacolors are heavily pigmented glycerin based paint. It has a very soft consistency & can even be used without water for a very light wash effect. While mixed with water it produces sturdy vibrant colors. Aquacolors have some of the most astonishing metallic colors & their Interferenz line has iridescent colors you have to see to believe. Bach Blue & Strauss Wine are essential for any skilled kit. Kryolan Fixer Spray will help lock the paint for a longer wearing time.

Paradise Make Up AQ from Mehron is by far one of my personal favorites. Paradise is cocoa butter based & smells like warm sunshine on a summer beach. The colors are rich & bold, perfect for all levels of body & face painters. They have a creamy consistency that blends great but can also provide an opaque base & tough lines. Mehron also has a line of split cakes on the market; PrismaBlend. Prisma colors present you the benefits of Paradise paints specially created with one stroke painting techniques in mind. Now you can blend numerous colors combinations in one easy stroke or dab of your sponge. I suggest sealing Paradise with Barrier Spray to help your designs last.

Face paints with colorsWolfe Face Art & FX has to be my other favorite face & body paint. The double ground pigments in a talc base create a very tough, durable finish. The opacity allows for single stroke details which create more convinced line work. Most professional body paint artists have White & Black Wolfe in their kits as these are the “go to” colors for most facts. Because of the double ground pigments a few colors (most notably, blues, black & reds) may cause staining on responsive skin. One of the best way to clean off these, & most other paints is to use 99% pure soap, build up a lather & break up the paint with a soft cloth before using water to rinse.

There are also many other kinds of paint we carry at Disguises, by European Body Art & Mehron LUX Air Brush Paint, however hopefully this gives you a place to start when thinking about face & body art.
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