Smart glasses ­for Blind people to see

Smart eyewear devices
A number of scientists of  Oxford University are developing a smart eyewear device or smart glass , to make thousands of blind people capable to see.

This smart glass will have little cameras  in the frame & pocket computers. This machine will  notify the wearer of that smart eyewear device if any person or other objects facing him.

The smart glasses will work using a couple of cameras.  These cameras  will resolve the distance of objects & we simply translate that into a luminosity display. Thus the cameras will capture the information of items covered by the eyesight  of the client & will mail it to the pocket sized mobile computer. That camera will be in the client’s pocket. The computer will then procedured the information and will make simpler it into a certain pattern. These smart glasses will also have light-emitting diodes (LED)  in the lens. The information that the computer procedured will then be mailed to the lances. Then the LED  on the lances will be illuminates generating form of the pattern. In this way this smart eyewear device will notify the client about the objects facing him.

Smart eyewear devicesActually these smart glasses will not reinstate sight. It’ll just but improve spatial consciousness of the blind people. The smart eyewear glasses were designed as a navigational help, not to restore lost apparition.

Around three lak people in the UK are registered as lawfully blind. Of these, 90% of this people have  some residual apparition. They can  notice blurry shapes and differences between light & dark.

The aspire of this smart eyewear glass is to increase the independence of the hundreds of thousands these types of people who are visually impaired.

Wearing these smart glasses people will be capable to recognize where where a wall, a table was, and  a person from 5 meters away.

This smart eyewear glass  could also provide many prolonged functions, such as   reading printed words out loud via an earpiece or scanning barcodes to display the prices of shop items, or exploring the shopping mall or reading bus numbers or a busy railway station and the numbers listed at the ATM machine.

This smart glasses are still in growth. From Oxford University, developer Dr Stephen Hicks, hoped that  finished model of this smart eyewear glass will be commercially available in around 2 years, at the early 2014.
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