Make every day a good hair style day

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A recent survey on 17,000 women found that frizz is their number one hair struggle to get an attractive hair style. Regain control of unmanageable tresses & put down your hot tools. No compromise with managing a good hair style. Here, the best styling tips for your hair type & texture, so you can make every day a good-hair day. 

Identify your hair type

Identifying your hair type is the first step to mastering how to get a lucrative style. After showering, don’t put any product in your hair. The time it takes to air-dry will tell you the hair type. If it takes 10 minutes or less it would be fine hair. If it takes near about 20 minutes, it’s medium & taking 20 minutes or more indicates thick hair.

For your straight hair

A water-based flexible-hold hair spray can be secret weapon to get your desired hair style. Straight hair needs a lightweight product so it does not look greasy or flat by the end of the day. Mist the spray directly onto a brush with nylon & boar bristles & run it through dry hair to smooth frizz & flyaway. This will distribute the product evenly without giving your hair a crunchy feel.

For your curly hair.

A spray gel that contains conditioners is the secret weapon for you. Your curls will stay frizz-free because the conditioners in gel coat the outer layer of the hair cuticle. Avoid brushing your hair when it's dry. After showering, gently squeeze hair dry with a towel & spritz in the gel. Instead of using your fingers, which can break up curls, lightly scrunch strands with the towel to absorb excess moisture & boost curls.

For your wavy hair

A water-based styling cream is the secret weapon. A lightweight cream gives your waves shine & enhances them in addition to getting rid of the frizz. Rub the cream between your hands & apply it to damp hair, starting at the ends. Then, using whatever product is left on your hands, lightly sweep it over the top of your hair.

For your tight curly hair

A thick oil-based cream can be a great try. This hair texture is lacking moisture & shine. A rich cream will contain frizz & enhance tight curls. Try according to your hair type & get a gorgeous hair style.
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